Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise


Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 45%
IMDb Rating 7.3 10 2450


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Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone
Mackenzie Foy as Jenny O'Neill
Gloria Reuben as Thelma Gleffey
William Sadler as Gino Fish
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ANNEEZ2 10 / 10

Well worth watching!

I wasn't sure Hallmark could pull off a non-censored Jesse Stone (the ones repeated from CBS had the occasional editing), but they did. The story was unhurried, but that is to be expected of all the Jesse Stone tales. Tom Selleck and the Brandmans have continued the themes started years ago by Robert Parker. Tom Selleck is still at his best, and the supporting characters are great. And Steve (Ned the Dog) was wonderful. I'm really glad to have Jesse Stone back. We folks who don't fit the commercial demographic (we're the ones that like Longmire, too) still like quality television. But I also hope the producers get hold of a couple of the other Jesse Stone books, as they would make great episodes.

Reviewed by boon23 10 / 10

His role of a lifetime

I truly missed Jesse Stone and was sad, when the rumors were up for no other movies. But now he is back and he is back in all the wonderful, slow, atmospheric glory I could have hoped for.

I loved everything about Lost In Paradise, first of all Tom Selleck's wonderful acting,the great cinematography, the superb score, the well known and always great cast and of course Steve.

The case after 2 years of "fighting crime" was an interesting one and interesting enough for Jesse to fight his loneliness and his search for meaning.

If you haven't watched any Jesse Stone movies, give them chance, start at the beginning and enjoy all the way through.

This is emotional crime drama at its best.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Vacation case

Tom Selleck took some time away from Blue Bloods to return to playing a different kind of cop in Jesse Stone: Lost In Paradise. Selleck is on some vacation time and Leslie Hope from the state police homicide squad asks him to look into a murder in his jurisdiction, but to report to her.

Serial killer Luke Perry has the killing of 3 Boston area prostitutes to his account, but has refused to take credit for the fourth killing where the forensics are a match.

Selleck and Perry have a couple of scenes with him questioning the incarcerated Perry who will make your skin crawl in a Hannibal the Cannibal like fashion. Other than the climax these scenes are the acting highlight of the film.

If in fact the forensics match and what Perry says is true, there's only one explanation and its a conclusion that Selleck dreads to arrive at. You'll figure it out early on as well so it won't be that much of a mystery.

There's a whole big difference in playing the brooding loner Jesse Stone and the patriarch of a law enforcement family like the Reagans in Blue Bloods. But that shows Selleck the actor is more than just good.

Nice to see Tom Selleck back as Jesse Stone. Hope there will be more of these in our future.

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