Jerry Springer: The Opera


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Horror / Musical / Thriller

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David Soul as Jerry Springer
David Bedella as Warm-up Man / Satan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by myke-16 8 / 10

What was the fuss about?

I thought that this was a brilliantly entertaining critique which was far from being the blasphemous obscenity which many organisations would have us believe. The performances were electric, especially Alison Jiear and David Bedella who were simply stunning in the way they twisted the audience from one emotion to the other. Their characters were a heady mix of comedy and pathos.

I am glad the BBC did not cave and showed this as I think this is a clear example of where people pre-judge an issue and make decisions for the masses on an uninformed premise. I'm an adult and I am happy to to make up my own mind!

Reviewed by Gyran 10 / 10

Talk to the hand...

In reviewing this film I may have to resort to generic terms for certain parts of speech. This opera is based on the Jerry Springer show. The first act has three typical episodes from the show: a man who cheats on his fiancée with her best friend and with a transvestite; a man who likes to dress as a baby and verb in his diaper; a fat woman who wants to be a pole-dancer. In the second act, Jerry is shot and goes to hell. He has to present a special edition of his show where Satan confronts Jesus, Adam and Eve, the Virgin Mary and God.

The libretto is obscene, blasphemous and very funny. I particularly liked the way characters from the first half are mirrored in the second. For instance, the man who wears nothing but a diaper in Act I plays Jesus in Act 2 wearing nothing but a loincloth. The work has serious things to say about religion, the fall, redemption and forgiveness. I also think that some Christians would quietly approve of the depiction of Hell. They may be less approving of references to Jesus's sexual orientation.

The work is not an opera in the conventional sense because most of the numbers consist of brief riffs. The riffs are based on repeated phrases such as "Talk to the hand, the face ain't listening" or "Momma give me smack on the noun" or "What the noun, what the noun, what the adjective, adjective noun. Of course Handel built entire arias on such repetitive phrases but here, with a few exceptions, there is very little musical development. Still, Handel wrote mainly solo arias whereas Jerry Springer is strongest in the ensemble and choral numbers where the repetitive riffs are overlaid. The musical highlight is the "Verb you" fugue in Act II sung by Satan and Jesus. Jerry Springer is much stronger musically than a conventional musical and it is through composed with only Jerry Springer speaking. Both the chorus and the principals are wonderful. Outstanding in a brilliant cast is Carrie Ellis as Baby Jane

Reviewed by TR_Wolf 10 / 10

An musically stunning piece of satirical humour and philosophy

I'm not here to tell you the plot, but this show (which I have also seen Live in London) is absolutely wonderful! Of course it's obscene and distasteful in parts, but that is because it's subject matter is the Jerry Springer Show.

As a musical this show has a wonderful storyline, some great characters, some outstanding actors (such as David Bedella as Satan, and Alison Jiear as Shawntel are both amazing actors with stunning voices and vocal ranges), the music and songs themselves are sublime, with some very inventive lyrics and stylings. Also the set is simple yet wonderfully equipped and working.

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