Jaws of Los Angeles


Action / Horror

IMDb Rating 1.6 10 155


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Dawna Lee Heising as Brigitte
Maria Olsen as Momma Maria
Mel Novak as Robert Clouse Williamson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by grangeheights 1 / 10

Beyond awful

Stock footage, unimportant shots that go on way too long, it just goes from bad to worse faster than the quietly swimming sharks.

Truly terrible.

Reviewed by adi_2002 2 / 10

Where are the predators ?

The only reason I give this a two is because of the two breasts that can be seen in the movie. Also for the scenes with the beautiful sea and the exotic fish.

Why is this called horror? Because is not, I don't see blood or something else too make it scary.

On the poster you can see sharks but not in the movie not even a fake one. Was too much effort to let us know who killed those peoples?

Reviewed by rainerberger 1 / 10

Pathetic on so many levels

Lots and lots of stock footage of fish swimming serenely under water, people walking along the beach, long range footage of a shark swimming, etc but no footage of a shark actually attacking somebody. Interspersed with extremely bad acting. Add a terrible script and a director who doesn't know or care what he is doing.

The only redeeming feature was that some of the songs on the soundtrack were not bad.

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