Jackie & Ryan


Drama / Family / Music / Romance

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Katherine Heigl as Jackie
Clea DuVall as Virginia
Sheryl Lee as Miriam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by supermaggie 10 / 10

Fascinating world of street music and great actors

If you expect a Nicholas Sparks romance you will be disappointed. If you expect a movie about a couple who have to fight conflicting circumstances and arguments with parents/ex-partners etc. you will be disappointed. But if you do not see it as a romantic comedy but go with the flow of the story that takes you into the world of train-riding street musicians (and single mothers), you will have a good time. And I was impressed by the actors musical skills. If you shy away because of the music style: I myself am not much of a Country music fan, but the music is rather melancholic ballads like (the main song reminded me extremely of) Red Hot Chili Peppers' Road Tripping. I must admit I am a bit prejudiced since I've liked Katherine Heigl a lot from/since Roswell (hated Grey's anatomy, though, silly love stories and mean comments in the face of human tragedies - disgusting) and Ben Barnes from/since Bigga than Ben, but the director is so great, I am sure you will be charmed by the movie even if you are not big fans of the actors. I was glad the romance was kept to a minimum and did not expect the movie to have so much atmosphere. Well-done!

Reviewed by successexpress 9 / 10

My Kind of Movie About Reality Today

I've read the other reviews and agree to a point but this is a great movie based on human experiences that we can all relate to. Aren't you all tired of movies about rich people going through different dramas? I know I am. This is a "Down to Earth" reality check for a lot of us struggling to survive in this debt ridden society. Humans will survive this storm of servitude. We will finally come to realize that life is so precious and the people we care about are the only reason why we have a reason to wake up in the morning. This is an example for other movie studios to follow. Relate to your audience or just be another wanna be hit.

Just my thoughts.

Reviewed by tinlok-57332 9 / 10

A True Reflection of Reality

This is my first time to write a review (This movie makes me do so). Most people find this movie boring and without memorable scenes, but I was impressed by how the movie brings out the bitterness of life. Jackie and Ryan both pursued their music dream (Jackie used to be), but they took totally different paths. Ryan keeps perusing his music dream as a street singer while Jackie chose to get married and gave birth to her lovely daughter. The story is about how they met and how they supported each other during hard times and how their relationship grew. Although there are no special and memorable scenes like other movies do, it told us something important and I was impressed and love this movie so much. No matter what choice you have made, there is no right or wrong and most importantly, life goes on. There is no "what if" in life and we gotta go forward. We only look back when we wanna know how much progresses we made. There are always regrets and darkness in our lifetime, but we still gotta move forward and finally, we see hope.

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