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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luckylukein 1 / 10


After watching this movie I had a lot of questions on my mind.

-Why did someone make such a horribly flawed movie?

-Why did Fahad act in such a waste of time movie? Did he not read the script before hand? Who would choose in such a movie?

-Why would someone take his girlfriend inside his own house when an intruder is present who opens the door claiming it to be his house.

-Why would some strike a conversation with an intruder and then sit and have drinks with him?

-Why would you have a dungeon as your basement in your house?

-Why would you not run away or call the police after seeing a dead body? Does a crime writer not know the implications of not calling the police after a witnessing the crime. I mean, you have a credible witness with you who by chance also is a lawyer. The house is yours and there is an intruder claiming that it is his house. Quaintly dressed like he has been living there for some time.

-Why did Fahad's character claim that it was his house when he knew that the person standing outside the door owns the house.

-Why was the lawyer/girlfriend so stupid? Someone claims to first own the house, acts intelligent and strikes an "Intellectual conversation" with you. Then claims to be a petty thief who from the looks of things has gone through the belongings of the house, even gone through the books in the house but has not seen the body? You were handed the gun, you are a lawyer. Run away from the CRIME scene when you know there is a killer in the room. What the heck...


-Why did I watch this stupid movie.

  • Why are people rating this movie 10/10. Humm. Neurons not firing?? Brain dead??

Soubin was spectacular with his comedy . His acting made me laugh! The comic relief was intentional right?

Reviewed by soumyamenon 3 / 10

Starts like a mountain... Ends like a molehill

Irul is a movie where you sit on the edge of the seat and predict the outcomes. Because the total set and vibes of the movie feels great to begin with. But as it progresses you realise that there are unnecessary drags just to build the anticipation. There come in moments where you feel like 'Ok... Move on now..' There are some cliche peek-a-boo moments in the movie as well.

Though it's been a success in building anticipation... The whole movie does not leave you quite satisfied. This movie could've been turned into something much better.

Reviewed by firozmohammedmi 1 / 10

Frustrating experience

Easily the worst fahad faasil movie in the last 5 years.

Film starts off very well. With fahads entry, excitement reaches a peak. But after that it becomes an extremely frustrating experience. The characters stop making any sense. One scene where they are arguing feels like mosquito buzzing in your ears and is very torturing.

Towards the end, you just stop caring about the characters completely and just want this torture(of watching this movie) to end.

There are tons of plot holes and loose ends which the movie dont care to explain. This is probably the worst character (not performance) soubin has ever done in his career.

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