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Jimmy Chin as Climber
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Momchil Atanasoff 10 / 10

Amazing film !

Stunning imagery and great visuals. The story behind the movie is based on Renan Ozturk's life, and I, as a person who follows him and other people involved in this production, can truly relate to it. I really can not understand the claims of other reviewers for a luck of narrative and boring or missing storytelling. Very well worth your time!

Reviewed by theresaroth 9 / 10

I was not disappointed

I sought out this movie as a result of seeing Meru and being fascinated with the three individuals Renan Ozturk, Jimmy Chin, and Conrad Anker. I like to follow actors, directors, etc and like to look at their repertoire. While I suggest an optional overview be made available to view before hand explaining what the viewer is about to see, I thought it was amazing in its cinematography. I am not a skier, snowboarder or climber and did not expect a ski movie so was not disappointed. I am an artist and appreciated what I could grasp of their visual representation. I only wish I knew more about the meaning and reason for the inclusion of the various elements I could not make sense of.

Reviewed by cipnrkorvo 10 / 10

So much more than a ski film

"Into the Mind" sounds like a pretentious title for a ski film, but in reality it's flawless, and surprisingly moving, from the beginning to the end. It ups the artistic standard for sport movies to a whole new level, and takes your mind to a crazy voyage.

That means it's a great film not just for skiers but for everyone. All.I.Can (the first movie) was great for skiers, and had a nice message, but was far from being as artistic and universal as Into the Mind. The fact that there are almost no words (which you might not like if you have a short attention span) makes it all the more powerful.

On top of all this, the choice of music is just awesome! The way the soundtrack is edited, and the timing of the whole thing is perfect. Whoever made this soundtrack is a genius!

In short it's a flawless movie which I would recommend to anyone, even if you're not interested in skiing. I hope to see more artwork like this from Sherpas Cinema in the future.

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