2019 [DUTCH]

Drama / Thriller

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Carice van Houten as Nicoline
Marwan Kenzari as Idris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Judyokki 8 / 10

Unsettlingly enjoyable

Came to see the film because of the great actors and the exciting trailer. It was actually a nice and easy first half of the film. The acting is really really good. After a while I was wondering: who is more crazy, he or she? Unfortunately their issues stayed a bit on the surface, it was not clear what the origin was. However, their emotional state about it was unmistakable and the acting on point. When the film ended, I was just a bit in shock and left with a lot of questions. But I assume that was how it is meant to be. Overall, a very good movie with some distressing, somewhat creepy elements. Worth watching!!!

Reviewed by piggelen 3 / 10

Pretentious AND predictable

I was rooting for Halina...I really was, and we really tried to make sense of this movie afterwards. But, for us, it failed. Me, and my company, was bored and shrugged and snorted several times. This movie is trying VERY hard to be a kind of psychological drama where the Nicoline (Carice) is supposed to undergo a transformation from a stable, professional somewhat distant psychologist to a vulnerable manipulated little girl. There is no process, first half of the movie she is the one, suddenly she is the other by crying, sleeping in her car and going WAY out of bounds by following her patient. There was supposed to be some sexual tension between the two main character but there wasn't. Idris was not the irresistible psychopath made out to be but a manipulative whining man with puppy eyes. Meh. The Flemish actor playing Alex was a better pick to fulfill that role. Ok, so they failed telling a mediocre story. BUT apparently they knew this in editing and tried to save it by diluting the plot by inserting tons of weird cuts, super strange story-decisions , unnecessary vulgarity, sound mistakes (when observed from WAY above you wont hear footsteps clearly ), the scene with the dog? Deep stuff man...not! The weird mother-daughter relationship, I can go on and on...sigh....pretentious dribble. It's so strange: on the one hand it's a very VERY predictable story (she lets the psycho in the apartment and gets raped...surprise!) and on the other hand it makes NO sense at a lot of places. I think, with a good story, Halina has potential as a director. Just focus on an angle because this movie is all over the place trying to be intelligent and 'deep' but it was boring, predictable and just didn't work. Why the hell the critics are positive is beyond me. Carice is a great actress though and saves what little there is. Worth watching it when it comes by on television...maybe. Probably not.

Reviewed by merelvanstraten 8 / 10

It makes you cringe and draws you to it at the same time

This was a movie that made me a bit uncomfortable and kept me on my toes. A movie I definitely wanted to watch until the end. Reading some reviews I came to the conclusion that I had a whole different experience while watching the movie. At first I was intrigued by the personages Nicoline and Idris and the way they connected. You could easily feel the tension in every encounter. Little by little you get to know more and more about the disruptive relationship Nicoline has with her mother. The abuse she experienced (at least mentally, but there are indications the abuse was also physical) has formed her into a person who doesn't know love or how to be loved. In my opinion, this is the reason why she let Idris in. I do think she is aware of this damaged part of her. She just doesn't have a total grip on that part of her and actually kinda enjoys it too. She knows it is wrong and therefore knows that she can control the outcome. In one of the last scenes where she walks through the hallway all I see is a woman on a mission, definitely knowing what she is doing. The moment Idris falls for it, she presses the button and takes over control. So weirdly I've left the cinema feeling somewhat powerful. Another thought I had leaving the cinema, was the fact that in the beginning of the movie Nicoline explicitly didn't want a permanent position. Did let me believe that this event might not be the first time it occurred to her. So in the end she had control the whole time. This thought contributed to the powerful feeling afterwards even more. In conclusion, the acting of Marwan & Catrice was great! They've made sure that the viewer is constantly experiencing tension.. Besides that, the pictures where amazing! Great job from Halina.

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