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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by raejay-03977 5 / 10

I had higher expectations for it...

I wanted to like this documentary. It made some insightful, scientifically supported points--it's good to stop and smell the roses, to be more empathetic and present in the moment, and kids and adults alike can benefit from more time playing outside and a little less in front of a screen. Unfortunately, that wisdom wasn't enough to make up for all the flaws.

Some of the...spiritualism?...was corny and over-the-top, and many of the ideas represented were based on hype, ignorance bordering on delusion, and popular myth rather than fact--a risk of over-reliance on intuition that one interviewee points out in the beginning of the film.

Some of the less accurate content in the film includes:

-the assertion that modern cultures are just too darn logical! (though anyone paying attention to political trends might think the exact opposite--that perhaps emotion is often reigning with little oversight)

-that nature just wants to nurture life (ignoring the abundance of necessary and unnecessary violent, painful death in nature--seriously, watch a nature documentary or hang around out in nature for a while some time)

-somewhat outlandish depictions, some bordering on "noble savage" romanticism, of ancient Polynesian culture with some facts mixed in

-the implication that modern Western culture, so lacking in intuition and full of violent media, has led to more gender-based violence (despite the fact some traditional cultures that value intuition are also known to oppress women and that gender-based violence and violence in general, while still an issue, has been decreasing for the last several decades during the development of our logic-focused, violent-media-laden culture).

The documentary has some good ideas worth considering, and perhaps more of a focus on the science or facts related to those ideas, rather than on half-true popular myths and mysticism, would have emphasized those merits. But, in attempting to promote the value of intuition, the film ends up embodying many of the issues with intuitive reasoning absent critical thought; it does a disservice to those trying to demonstrate or understand the tangible, far-reaching benefits of empathy and awareness.

Reviewed by pagenoah 1 / 10

Mostly Fake

This movie is a shining example of how people are tricked into believing that ridiculous off the wall stuff is science-based. They claim throughout that science backs up what they are saying but never explain how or show the outcome of any scientific research. And they jump from one intriguing topic to another quickly in hopes of distracting you from the fact that they've failed to back anything up. Based on some of the other reviews I've seen, this was very sadly effective.

I was very interested in this subject matter. I wanted very badly to enjoy this movie. But I am so sad to say that I just couldn't. This movie felt strange in so many ways. Opens with the common mistake of including the story of the documentary film maker's life, which (surprise) turns out to have nothing to do with the rest of the movie at all except that by the end of it she has decided to make the movie we are now watching. It's unnecessary to spend what feels like 15 minutes explaining to us that the movie we're watching is the result of someone's interest in the subject discussed in the movie. We already know that to be true of every movie ever before we start watching. That trite trope is the documentary equivalent of starting an essay with the Merriam Webster dictionary definition of a word.

Lots of strange editing choices were made, which makes me wonder if the editing was overall the main problem. At times the images accompanying the spoken commentary seem to be totally random pieces of pretty or artsy footage spliced together in no particular order.

The content itself is also lacking. Numerous subjects are mentioned quickly in passing with no elaboration. This is especially true when it comes to the science that supposedly backs a lot of this stuff up. We're quickly told that a lot of research is being done on something and before we can hear the kind of details that would reassure us to the validity of some of these ideas, they've moved on to some Icelandic guy singing in a cave, which (again, while very pretty) seems sort of unrelated. It feels like a dodge. It left me with more questions than answers. And with such a short running time, it's curious why no one thought, "We could make this a normal length movie if we elaborated a little bit on all of these subjects." Some parts of it feel factually incorrect, like when it is suggested that modern pollution and violence in video games begat violence against women, when everyone knows women have been oppressed and mistreated since, gosh, prehistoric times (even if you try to pretend, for a moment, that the relationship between pollution and sexism isn't questionable enough on its own).

Or consider the extended segment on meditation in schools at the end. It's neat that kids are learning mindfulness, but it seems much less related to the subject of intuition than say, the Polynesian navigators whose prowess for detecting land masses from afar defies all logic, which is explained very briefly in comparison.

The interviews are the best part, but even they often feel like poor choices. There is a moment in the movie when Iain McGilchrist (who provides probably the best content of the entire thing) describes the feeling of meeting someone who seems totally normal on paper, but gives you the funny feeling that they can not be trusted. That is an apt description of about half of the expert commentators who appear throughout the movie. Some of them feel very unreliable, but maybe only because you start to question the judgment of anyone willing to appear in this film. Maybe they would be more believable if there was just a little more information to back them up.

And why do you let a performance artist who makes a living creating shoes made out of crystals and other equally zany pieces of abstract art explain the neuroscience of how she can look someone in the eyes and affect their brain waves? This is like asking a palm reader to explain to you how she can see your future. It lends her no additional credibility. I want to hear it validated by an independent source, preferably a scientist or doctor of some kind.

The fact that we would want that kind of objective point of view on most of the stuff they cover feels so obvious that it seems like the film maker is purposely keeping it from us. My guess is that a hard scientific look at some of these subjects would discredit much of what we've been presented here.

Reviewed by hauskkia 1 / 10

Contains dangerous, misleading, anti-rationality agenda that claims to be backed by "science"

I regularly practice mindfulness meditation and completely see the benefits of being aware of your body, mind, and separating your thoughts from your self in the present moment. I really wanted to like this movie, and tried so hard to keep watching but got so angry halfway through that I just couldn't handle it anymore. This movie uses cheap, "scientific" visuals, and claims to be backed by "credible scientific evidence," when the psychological ideas behind it are decades old and complete bulls**t (i.e. Left brain, right brain). The idea that thinking rationally is somehow "bad for your whole being" is a dangerous idea to be promoting to people looking for self-help, and influences them to not think about their actions, and to believe whatever their mind comes up with on its own. Your mind comes up with random, completely irrelevant information on its own, much of which is very beneficial and healthy to ignore. Also, what is intuition? The movie never once directly told me what it was spending hours referring to... please please keep thinking rationally and logically, do not stop being critical of any information given to you, or that you give yourself. Awful movie.

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