In the Earth


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Hayley Squires as Olivia Wendle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lafebre-80307 3 / 10

Slow, weird and pointless

Like too many horror films of late, weirdness is a stand-in for coherence and story. Mumbo jumbo about a big rock that supposedly talks to humans. Very, very slow film that's ultimately pointless.

Reviewed by lillysilva-97518 4 / 10

disappointing movie

This movie kinda sucked. A lot of unnecessary flashing lights which does tie into the plot but it got way too much at times. Hardly even a horror movie, more like a thriller. The plot was also hard to follow along with during the second half of the movie. The flashing lights get VERY intense and there's about 30+ minutes of it during the entire movie, i left the theatre with a headache. The idea was good just the execution was mediocre:/ (although i need to add the sound design was amazing and fit perfectly for each scene)

Reviewed by jacobmhelberg 4 / 10

Good 1st half. Second half almost unwatchable.

Surprisingly enough, I liked this movie up until the pair left Zack's camp. After that, it turned into an absolute mess that had no idea what it was going for. The characters make stupid decisions and blindly trust people because they were pen pal lovers?

To add on to the lack of story, you are constantly bombarded with the most unpleasant strobe lighting and wonky sounds ever. It got to the point where I needed to squint in the theater so my eyes weren't flashing.

Also, I'm fine with movies that have vague endings but oh my God this did nothing to wrap up their horrible journey in the forest. Alma seems possessed and suddenly knows how to leave... wonder where she got that information from? (Oh yeah... the LSD monster probably showed her and we were supposed to understand whatever those visuals were).

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