In-Lawfully Yours


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Corbin Bernsen as Father Grayson
Marilu Henner as Naomi
Chelsey Crisp as Jesse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bobmillerinc 7 / 10

Nice story, kept me interested.

I didn't know, when I started watching on Netflix, that this show was considered part of the 'faith & spirituality' category. I was pleasantly surprised. It's a great story about a relationship between a mismatched couple.

I was pleased by how the movie portrayed Jessie's growing faith without being preachy. She started out being humorously ignorant of anything in the Bible, or church. But there was a nice growth arc for her in that.

And it was great to watch a show that could portray conflict without swearing, shooting, or nudity.

Yeah for a good family film!

Reviewed by wingthwong 10 / 10

Delightful little love story.

For those two that gave it bad reviews, because OMG, " It was about Christianity or religion". Do you not watch a movie because it shows other religions, other ethnicities, because it has profuse amounts of bad language, sex, or blood and gore, or evil satanic horror? You know what a movie is going to be about. You don't go and watch it. I won't watch a movie like American Pie because of the perversness, and on the same token, I don't go and rate it. Why would I waste time rating a movie I won't watch. If you watched this and said, "OMG, the religious overtones are so offensive that they are burning my eyes", well maybe, don't go religion bashing about the movie here. It just shows your stupidity, fear, and intolerance for other people. Nobody is bashing you becaise of who you are. With that said, this is a delightful movie, that while not habong the production money of a blockbuster, delves in relationships, broken relationships, healing from the broken relationship, and moving forward. It really isn't a "Christian" movie as no "Church" would allow a single preacher to be involved with a woman married to another man or a divorced woman. Yes, it involves a preacher and a "Church", but it isn't remotely about Christianity. It is about a woman married to an unfaithful man that falls in love with his single brother after she moves to his hometown, loves with her mother in law, is hated by the locals, but eventually wins them over after it is revealed that the town's beloved son and cheating husband was a cheating husband. It shows that life does exist after a bad relationship and divorce. If you watch this and get caught up in the very benign overtones, then there is something wrong with you. Fear, hate, whatever. Just watch this for what it is meant to be, a sweet and simple movie you comfort watch. Ten stars because of the delightful acting, the delightful story, and the message of love can win.

Reviewed by sashajohri 10 / 10

Perfect Romantic Comedy

This movie will definitely not disappoint you. Its a perfect romantic comedy to watch. Jesse catches her husband cheating on her but despite that moves to his home town to help her mum in law during a difficult time. Here she meets the local pastor and sparks fly.

Its witty and fun to watch. Not a single boring moment. You will laugh throughout the movie.

All the characters play their parts to perfection, including the evil husband and the annoying nosy do gooder.

Just grab some popcorn and a blanket to snuggle in. Its time well spent. Go for it and enjoy. Can definitely watch it over and over again

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