Il castello dei morti vivi

1964 [ITALIAN]

Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 698


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Christopher Lee as Count Drago
Donald Sutherland as Sgt. Paul / The Witch / The Old Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cuzdogg 8 / 10

A film seen as a boy, still amuses the best of us dwarf cinema voyeurs.

A delightful B-Horror film filled with odd characters, shadowed corridors, and a decent plot...Castle of the Living Dead, when viewed late at night, will keep the viewer more amused than scared. I first saw this film as a boy and forever thereafter, tried to remember the title so I could see it again. Where else can you find a movie other than Lord of the Rings, with a heroic dwarf (wish he was born later in life so that he could have played Frodo)and his side kick deaf-mute giant (perhaps the inspiration for Miller's MasterBlaster), Donald Sutherland as a witch and a bungling police/soldier (keeping his trademark smirk in tact), and a beautiful female victim that is saved from poisoning by a thirsty cat. Also, two other performances must be given honorable mention...the sullen Cristopher Lee playing Count Drago, who bears the resemblance of a Gothic Heroin addict..and his henchman Sandro, whose bulging eyes and psycho-drenched laugh, make for added cinema enjoyment. This is a foreign film and carries some of the Socio-pathic drama an early 1960's horror film might entail. No graphic slashing here, but the dart in the eye of the lowly deaf/mute delivers a taste for future gore films. The dubbing is close enough to understand and keeps in pace with the film's B- status. The plot line is basic, but interesting...taking place just after the Napoleanic Wars, a mad Count who is interested in science, discovers a way of prolonging life...only his results are stereotypically creepy. When a traveling troupe of circus performers are bid to come and entertain at his castle, the plot enfolds into a all-out who is going to live and who is going to die story. Sutherland's witch character prophesizes this much, so the tension mounts towards who the final survivors will be. I loved the set of this movie, which must have been filmed on location. The Castle's giant faced back entrance is a must see and the huge stone animal objects in the entangled gardens, make this Black and White film eerie and strange. Wind, shadows, moonlit night, large castle chambers and outdoor gardens...all the makings of a chilling tale. I highly recommend this film, but suggest to view it only late, late, late night...with a pot of popcorn and maybe with one friend. Also, this could be a perfect slumber party film, as well...but would be so with differing results. For when you add these odd Castle of the Living Dead characters, with a mixture of humorous comments and tired people...the outcome is sure to create a cult film status for a new generation of viewers.


Reviewed by BaronBl00d 7 / 10

Quite Good

The Castle of the Living Dead is quite a good, little known thriller about a man named Count Drago who has found the secret to preserving life instantly, a sort of life in death concept. His castle is full of all kinds of creatures that are in death just as they were in life. Lee plays the title role with relish as he entertains a group of roving entertainers in his castle. The film is quite atmospheric with some very good chase scenes through dark corridors and a graveyard as well. The cast is pretty decent with a pint-sized dwarf besting all. The film is of some note as it is one of the earliest performances of Donald Sutherland, who has a field day playing an incompetent policeman and a witch/old hag. Quite a good European little horror film!

Reviewed by whpratt1 6 / 10

Christopher Lee Classic '64 Film

Secured this film off E-Bay and enjoyed this film from the beginning to the end. If you are a Christopher Lee fan and enjoy some of his early works, this is the film you will be interested in, as well as, the fact that Donald Sutherland, (Sgt. Paul/The Witch/Old Man) "Ask The Dusk", gives an outstanding role in this picture as many characters. This story is about a Count Drago, (Christopher Lee), "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory", who preserves many animals and keeps them in their natural appearance. You would probably say it was taxidermy, but this is another form of transformation that works and in an entirely different way. The Count invites a carnival group to entertain him at his mysterious castle where the carnival act shows a man being hanged and brought back to life. Gaia Germani, (Laura) gives a great supporting role as the attractive female who is adored by Count Drago and some other weird and sick looking people. This is a rather early film for Christopher Lee and Donald Sutherland and you can see from their performance they were going to be great stars on the Silver Screen. Great Classic Horror Film.

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