I Really Hate My Job


Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 1128

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eperdos 9 / 10

All of us have said this at least once in a lifetime. Imagine 5 women working in a restaurant with frustration exploding their souls and customers waiting to be served...

An excellent theatrical movie about 5 girls working in a restaurant but in fact looking for the meaning of their lives. Great acting on all 5 actresses, 2 of them being Romanian. Composition roles that request creativity and power: Shirley Henderson is a terrific almost hysterical woman and I would give her the Oscar for her performance. Oana Pellea is a delusional older woman, speaking just in philosophical words and behaving like nothing around her is happening; until frustration gets her too! I would like to see this script on stage eventually, and with same casting would be a stunning show. I saw the movie (an absolute world premiere) at TIFF (Transilvania International Film Festival) in Cluj, Romania, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Reviewed by siderite 9 / 10

I can't say why, but I liked it

I find the mark on IMDb really low for the quality of the movie. The characters were complex and the acting great. Maybe the problem was that the characters really were too complex. Imagine a classy diner where 5 women try to satisfy the whims of their high-paying customers, while fighting a rat infestation and each having emotional issues to deal with.

It is, by all means, a film for women. Men watching this might not enjoy the endless laments and the emotional way in which the characters deal with their problems. However I find that the roles themselves were well crafted: a boss who seems to employ every annoying management technique in the book and drive her employees insane with difficult requests, but underneath a nice person that fights to reconcile her job with her conscience; an unemployed actress, always acting superior, but underneath feeling that she has failed in her life; a hysterical writer that can't publish her book; a new-age type of girl who lives in the past and tries to fix everybody; a middle aged woman who wants to feel alive again.

This is it. It feels like a play, it has only 5 characters and a guest appearance of Danny Houston, it plays with your emotions, but it really has a more appeal to women than men. Good movie though, and it deserves a higher mark.

Reviewed by filmbuff87 10 / 10

funny and well-written enough to keep you watching

Five restaurant employees take on a night of wild fun and dramatic life crises in a London fine-dining establishment. While not perfect, I Really Hate My Job is hysterical and loquacious. The ensemble cast is vibrant and interesting; you can't help but love them all and find something to relate to. I tried to choose which character was my favorite (or better yet which actress was best) and I just couldn't decide. The whole cast is truly fantastic. Everyone really brought something to the table. The Dishwaher caused my eyes to water with her inane, hysterical dancing and speeches. The Chef (Shirly Henderson) was perfect as a secluded, self-contained, intellectual writer on the verge of cracking. The Waitress (Neve Campbell) was just downright daring in manner, actions, and speech. The Other Waitress (resptively Alexandra Maria Lara) was sweet, perky, and optimistic; I enjoyed her quirky sense of the world and positive suggestions on how to better everyone else's life. The Boss (Anna Maxwell Martin) was great at trying to maintain control while her love life was possibly ending and the business was declining. Another commenter mentioned the potential of this being a great play... I full heartedly agree. The script, story, and actresses are what make this enjoyable.

The only drawback, I guess, would be that the ending was inconclusive. All these character problems were introduced and none were solved. Particularly when Abi (Neve) asks her boss about her real name; it's never revealed why the boss changed her name but it is brought up enough times that you are disappointed when they never tell you. Things like that lessened it for me.

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