I nuovi barbari


Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by epeteet 7 / 10

The Ultimate Buttpack!

The cover of this little stinker has a bunch of punkers (none of which are in the film) so i went into it expecting a punk rock style exploitation flick from the late 80's and instead discovered the funniest ROAD WARRIOR rip off ever! It's one of the tons of Italian knock offs of the early 80's so you know it's gonna be cheesy but this one is just ridiculous! Ultra cheap with plenty of action/violence and enough funny gore to satisfy any fan of 80s b-rated sleaze. Not to mention a ridiculous soundtrack! The only thing that's missing is some boobies. Not that there's no sex just not anything arousing in any way. Of course it takes place in the post apocalyptic future where a gang of ridiculously costumed barbarian types called the Templars set out to destroy the few humans left as punishment for the crime of being born. Cool enough plot for me! Basically this movie is pure shite but it's funny as hell especially when watched with chicks or people who are not fans of crappy movies. Trust me, seeing the expression on their face during the Templars initiation sense will make hunting this baby down well worth the hunt!

Reviewed by leagueofstruggle 6 / 10

Unholy Rolling Golf Carts of Doom!!!

Pulling cinematic threads together I Nuovi Barbari saw a second life when it's model city sets were reused in Lucio Fulci's Guerrieri dell'anno 2072 (The New Gladiators). I could be wrong and an Italian man could have gleaned a lot of work building cardboard cities for all those 80's Italian post-apocalypse films. Regardless, the opening credits let us know the world came to an end due to a meteor or some stagehand's forgotten cigarette crashing into a cardboard city. After this we have to deal with another of Max Rockatansky's cousins that suffers a few mental setbacks. Scorpion drives around in his mock up V-8 Interceptor with a big glowing bubble dome in the roof, superfluous tubes, and hood mounted chrome skull. Scorpion's enemies are a smorgasbord of peeved caddies that roll across the wasteland in their super-modified golf carts complete with slicers, dicers, disintegrators, spears, donkey molesters, and other implements of golfing terror and destruction. The terrified victims of these rampaging carts are hard pressed not to completely outrun these lumbering carts of woe and despair. Laden as they are with donkey molesters, flame throwers, tin foil, and extra passengers these vehicles of the brave new wasteland top out and redline around 2 MPH. Apparently all the survivors of the wasteland made fun of the golf carts because One (George Eastman), the leader of the post-apocalyptic rugged caddies that call themselves the Templars wants to kill everybody in the wasteland. Scorpion (Giancarlo Prete) being the yin to One's yang only wants to kill a select few people, mostly ones that ride around on golf carts causing trouble. One (Eastman) establishes himself as the true entity of evil early on by effortlessly ripping (or rather breaking) a bible in half in a rather comical display of strength. Giovanni Frezza makes an appearance as the young mechanic and you may very well recognize him from Bava's Demons 2 or Fulci's House by the Cemetery. Giovanni gives another stellar performance as he freely transforms from his diminutive figure to a strapping, full-grown stuntman in a blond wig when convenient.

Warriors of the Wasteland is a study in one take magic as it becomes painfully obvious that many special effects were botched and just left in, no retakes allowed. Most painfully obvious is a fleeing citizen almost, but not quite, (botched special effect!!??!?!) decapitated by a golf cart donkey molester. The head kind falls over staying connected and the body just slumps over, although it twitches effectively. Anybody can tell this should have been shot over but either the budget didn't allow or Enzo G. Castellari (the director) just didn't care. Another effect has a golf cart shaft spear a man's rump, this may have been intentional as Scorpion receives a similar fate later on with a different kind of spear. Regardless, the effect is particularly lackluster. At this point things are bleak and we haven't even gotten to Fred 'The Hammer' Williamson showing up. In a departure from ripping off Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior, I Nuovi Barbari steals from Rambo II and has Johnny Rambo appear, only Sylvester Stallone has morphed into Fred Williamson for so reason, go figure. Nadir (Williamson) decapitates his share of helmeted cart riders with his explosive bow and arrow combination. Add into the mix Scorpion's love interest and you have your fab four fighting the white clad Templars of destruction and their menacing go-go golf carts of pandemonium.

Look for wooden acting, flat action, and gratuitous use of metal beer kegs placed inconveniently as obstacles to be rammed by vehicles or have actors fly through. Even at its worst I Nuovi Barbari is a superior work to later American counterparts that involve either lots of water or a guy delivering post apocalyptic parcels made by a certain guy that waltzes with lupines.

As far as post-apocalypse Italian cinema goes, Warriors of the Wasteland is just dull. None of the characters are nearly quirky enough to entertain, they're just bleak, bland characters not nearly archetypal enough to empathize with. The fact that Scorpion's mock muscle car is up against nitro-charged golf carts makes for rather dull chase scenes. By comparison Escape from the Bronx had tightly choreographed action scenes that set your adrenaline pumping. Escape from the Bronx was made two years after this so Enzo may have had time to sharpen up his directorial skills. However 1990: I guerrieri del Bronx (Bronx Warriors 1990) was made the same year as Warriors of the Wasteland and is leaps and bounds better than I Nuovi Barbari. I'd just chalk it up to Enzo having uneven directing skills or possibly just tacking an extra movie on after Bronx Warriors wrapped up filming. As far as Italian apocalypse films go, this is one of the weaker entries.

Reviewed by Bezenby 8 / 10

"Hate!...and Exterminate!"

The always reliable Enzo Castellari shows that even with a budget of twenty lira he can fill a movie full of action, style, and see through body-armour.

It's 2019, and it post-apocalypse time! That means humble survivors roaming the landscape, pray to an army of gay psychopaths called the Templars. These guys, led by giant George Eastman, just want to destroy everything they see. Not the most long term game-plan, I must admit, but you've got to give them credit for sticking to such a crap idea with unerring conviction.

Up against them is Scorpion (Giancarlo Perle), a lone warrior driving through the land in his weird bubble car type thing, getting into scrapes with the Templars, and mutants, but always finding time to pick up female survivors. He's closely followed by Fred Williamson, another warrior who likes to team up with Scorpion, seemingly just for a laugh.

There's a caravan of survivors led by some religious guy heading in the direction of 'the signal' who are under threat by the Templars, and it's up to Scorpion and Fred the hammer, and for some reason the blonde kid out of House by the Cemetery, to do them all in. That's the plot.

The New Barbarians is one of those films where you can safely lock your brain in a box and store it under the couch. If you try looking for logic, or anything like that, you're watching the wrong film. If you want to see brain meltingly camp action, this is the one for you.

I'm a sucker for Enzo Castellari films. Even here, where there doesn't seem to be any budget at all, he still manages to fill the screen with slow motion explosions, decapitations by machine, gadget filled cars, exploding bodies and sexy Euro-babes. There's plenty of stand out moments, from the scene where George Eastmen 'takes Scorpions pride', if you know what I'm saying, to guy getting shot in the chest and exploding.

Plenty of b-movie actors here too - Massimo Vanni sports an alarming mohican and drives a car that has a deadly spinning blade, Ennio Girolami's car has a flamethrower, Giovanni Frezza lives in the world's weirdest caravan, and Anna Kanakis seems slightly confused as, out of gratitude for not being raped by Scorpian, she had sex with him in a plastic see-through tent.

Plus, Fred Williamson fires arrows at people that either make them explode or make their heads fly off into the air - How can anyone not like that? The now defunct Vipco released this in a great widescreen copy. Not the best of Casterrali's work (I think, from this era in his career, it's edged out by both Bronx Warrior films), but the man's got style and talent. Just don't take it too seriously (I get the feeling that those involved in making it weren't).

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