I Am Omega


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Mark Dacascos as Renchard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 6 / 10

Dacascos is The Last Man on Earth—except for the other men.

In a post apocalyptic world ravaged by disease, embittered survivor Renchard (Mark Dacascos) leads a life of solitude dedicated to the destruction of the mutated plague victims that killed his wife and son.

Having planted high-explosive time-bombs all over the city where the zombie-like creatures now reside, Renchard is forced by two highly trained special forces soldiers, Mike and Vincent (Ryan Lloyd and Geoff Meed), to lead a dangerous mission into zombie central to rescue immune damsel in distress Brianna (Jennifer Lee Wiggins), who might just hold the answer to a cure for the epidemic.

I might be stating the bloody obvious here, but martial arts star Mark Dacascos really doesn't possess the necessary acting chops to convincingly portray a lonely, tortured soul pushed to the edge of his sanity in a world gone wild—which is why Asylum mockbuster 'I Am Omega' works best whenever director Griff Furst abandons character development in favour of showcasing his lead performer's undoubted ability to kick ass.

Between the banal scenes in which Renchard goes crazy, listens to imaginary radio broadcasts, urinates morosely on the Vasquez Rocks (surely US cinema's most overused filming location) and gibbers like a loon, he exterminates any zombies stupid enough to wander onto his patch, which gives Dacascos a chance to show off his moves, splatter heads, and shoot stuff. During these moments we get some genuinely tense action and several effective scares and for a while 'I Am Omega' looks set to fulfil its potential as an enjoyable piece of B-movie trash.

Unfortunately, once Renchard enters the city and the clock ticks inexorably towards the inevitable explosive ending, matters get progressively sillier. It ultimately all falls apart in a mess of plot holes and culminates in an extremely dumb finale that sees our battered and bruised hero not only managing to run and push a car, despite having been shot in the legs, but also perform an impressive combination of martial arts moves to beat the bad guy and save the day.

5.5 out of 10, generously rounded up to 6 for the hilarious 'zombie in the dumpster' scene.

Reviewed by JoeKarlosi 6 / 10

I Am Omega (2007) **1/2

I'd heard about this one, another apocalyptic combo takeoff on I AM LEGEND and THE OMEGA MAN, that was independently produced on a low budget and released direct to DVD on the Asylum label. It's about a man who is one of the few survivors on Earth after some sort of catastrophe (it's never made clear) has turned people into grotesque and marauding zombies. He meets up with a couple of other guys who need his aid in reaching one known female survivor somewhere who may have the cure within her own blood.

There is nothing that's new or unique here, but it functions very much like a "LAST MAN ON EARTH meets DAWN OF THE DEAD", and is more of a zombie film than anything else. On that level I think it succeeds pretty well in spite of the lack of funds... the ghoul makeup and special effects are actually quite good, and there is a decent amount of one-on-one threat and action with the creatures (who are played by real people). In fact, while watching this I thought to myself how much better this aspect of the movie played out than ANY of the silly and needlessly cartoon-like "dwellers" of Will Smith's mega-budgeted I AM LEGEND (which wasn't released until after this, also in 2007) ! Sometimes less is more in this regard, and a tiny budget requires more realism. Sure, there are many curious mistakes (how do computers still work, and why are there lights everywhere at night, for instance?) but I got the impression that hearts were in the right place and the filmmakers did the best with what they had. **1/2 out of ****

Reviewed by sexytail 3 / 10

Dacascos is Charlton Heston is Will Smith...

Behold the inevitable straight to video incarnation of Matheson's now thrice adapted "I Am Legend" which effectively combines the titles of the two latest ("Omega Man" and "I Am Legend") into one that will fool the unsuspecting movie renter/buyer. As with most knock-offs available from The Asylum, the much labored over box art promises a far more interesting and far more expensive film (it may be a tragedy that these are some of the last examples of good movie-related graphics). But since this is from The Asylum I'll assume you all also know what sort of inexpensive film to expect.

Trashing the straight-to-DVD industry aside, it is hardly the worst movie of its kind (that honor belongs to "Forsaken" with turns the story into a vampire road movie). "I Am Omega" has pretty good location use and competent production value. The editing is fairly stellar and the zombies weren't that laughable (although they were no substitute for the cloaked mutants of "The Omega Man"). And mercifully there are no bad video after effects like a lot of these low budget movies do.

The main problem is the slowness. The flashbacks in this version of the story (which cause the first 30 minutes to drag badly) choose to explain Dacascos' character as a tortured soul rather than unfold the explanations for the world being near over. The decision to use mindless zombies rather than intelligent mutants makes the action a little repetitive and doesn't actually help much with the horror. Red necks and the token female are added to give our heroes someone else to deal with. Director Furst and writer Meed add an explosion count down to move things along as well.

It won't hurt you too much if you keep your expectations low. If you're new to The Asylum, this is perhaps one of the better examples you'll find.

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