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Stephen Graham as David Knight
Elisa Lasowski as Ariana
Richard Dormer as Nick Taylor
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Reviewed by johannlafon-27643 9 / 10

Great, Dark, Gloomy, glimpse into the world of police officers

First of all, if you do not get what this movie is truly about. Don't watch it, bothering to comment on how you don't get the point. That being said, which might be a bit upsetting for some. This film was really an enjoyable experience, in the sense that it is quite rare to watch the guts pouring out of honest film making. The acting is brilliant, tone is consistent throughout the film, which is rare enough to be mentioned. It is quite graphic, since most people experienced breaking bad, it is OK. Soundtrack by "the the" adds to the magnetic feel of the film. The action is driven, captivating, edgy. This is how more movies need to be made. I won't even compare to other, bigger budget, commercially successful gangster films. I won't explain the end since I found it quite good. Bonus if you read the anecdote section. Liked this movie a lot as you can tell by now. Thanks if you took time to read this review.

Reviewed by Rozzi1 8 / 10

Grim, brutal, dark police-and-villain-drama directed with top-notch atmospheric style

Michael is corrupt London CID Detective who runs a unit of equally bent Drug Squad officers. He is effectively a 'gangster with a badge', snorting cocaine seized in violent nightclub raids and with a growing underworld racket of his own. Investing a large sum into a prosperous drug smuggling operation, run by some Turkish criminals of whom Michael 'guarantees protection' to, the racket is moved-in on by a group of sadistic Albanian villains who take out Michael's Turkish associates, leaving him high and dry in the process. As Michael craftily uses his police powers to investigate the Albanian gang, he discovers their empire includes Human Trafficking.

Michael's professional life becomes more and more complex, as he puts his resources into figuring out how to deal with the Albanians rather than investigating Drugs crimes, and in doing so he comes back into contact with a former adversary Detective Knight, who is officially in charge of the Human Trafficking investigation. Into the mix, Detective Inspector Taylor, an unrelenting officer has been placed by the internal affairs department to investigate Michael's activities for possible corruption. As Michael delves into the world of the Albanian criminals he meets Ariana, a young woman held captive by the gang and he rescues her, hiding her away at his girlfriend's house – an act of morality which ironically leads towards his own downfall.

"Hyena" is a great piece of cinema, handling the darker side of the London underworld and corrupt police units with a certain artistic style and atmosphere which feels fresh, while retaining an authenticity and grimness needed to keep the balance. It is though a remarkably violent film and certain scenes are too unpleasant to watch, but nevertheless "Hyena" is a tour de force of contemporary British cinema with a flare to offend, a pace to keep you watching, and a story to make you think.

Reviewed by Raven-1969 8 / 10

Seamy underworld of London cops

In the seamy underworld of London cops, everyone plays by their own rules. There is no one to trust. Police units are in league with criminals and competing with each other for increasing shares of the profits. Laws are not enforced so much as used for advantage over others. As vice cop Michael Logan, with a coke habit and indolent nature, attempts to carve out a larger share of the illicit income for himself, he gets trapped between a ruthless pair of Albanian brothers and his fellow officers who are trying to trap him. Those who should be protected by the law are instead neglected and placed in greater danger. The director and writer based the character of Logan on someone he knew personally. Despite shaky acting of some in the supporting cast, this is a compelling portrait of police officers who are indistinguishable from criminals. The betrayals and back stabbings are underscored by a dark soundtrack by Matt Johnson and The The. Seen at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.

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