House of 9


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 36%
IMDb Rating 5.5 10 9295

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Dennis Hopper as Father Duffy
Peter Capaldi as Max Roy
Kelly Brook as Lea
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wildpeace10 2 / 10

looks like an improvised experimental film!(MANY SPOILERS!!!)

So people are kidnapped and awake in a large house. A voice tells them they have nothing in commun and that if they start killing each other,the only survivor will receive 5 million dollars.

The problem here is that nothing really leads us to believe that the unseen person will keep his promesses and the people in the house are totally under written characters.

After a little time trying to get out of the house,the people give up,eat the food(nobody seems to be really worried that it is poisoned)and take a little time to shout and argue.


Then after a long while comes the first death,an accidental one which reminded me of the film THE HOLE.

Then a cop locks up a black man because he thinks he tried to steal his gun.The priest played by DENNIS HOPPER(who prays a lot and speaks biblical phrases during the film)releases him and the black guy strucks repeatedly the cop's head which ends in very bloody mess.

Then the black man is found hanged.Did he commit suicide or was he murdered?(Even i don't know!)

Then in the film's last 15 minutes,a lot of people start killing other people as if their lives depended on it. Was it because they really believed they could get 5 millions?Is it because it was too hot in the house?Was it because they wanted more food?

The most likely reason is because the film had to end at the 90 minutes mark! The last rush to wrap up things is kind of surprising since other scenes before that were just fillers. People dancing to music.People thinking to slow piano music. A man putting lipstick on and kissing the mirror!(More than once!) People acting like if they were in a music video!!

The ending is slightly original but far from worth sitting through all of this film. You could always fast forward on DVD to it or read it here:you see,only a girl survives. She's not really a bad person.Circonstances made her the sole survivor.A door opens,she picks up a bag(possibly full of money but it is never opened)and walks to another room where other people also have other bags which could mean that multiple games have been going on and that this game is continuing....

Reviewed by Platypuschow 7 / 10

House of 9: Doesn't meet it's potential but still a decent watch

There is a certain concept that I love seeing within movies, when a group of people wake up in unfamiliar territory and have to participate in some dangerous activity such as a game.

Obviously the SAW franchise comes under this category, the Cube movies and the brilliant Circle (2015) and The Human Race (2013).

This is one of those and I was immediatly thrilled upon realising. I just love the idea I find it fascinating, how people react, the different personalities and the ruthlessness of people.

House of 9 see's a group of people locked inside a house together unable to escape. Upon awaking the instructions are announced, only one can leave and they'll win five million pounds.

Inevitably it doesn't take long before things to fall apart and the way it happens sadly could be better, but is still entertaining.

This British made thriller stars Kelly Brook, Dennis Hopper and the last Doctor Who Peter Capaldi.

Despite it's flaws I enjoyed this and was very impressed with the movies closing scene. Though it doesn't match the dizzying heights of the other examples of this concept it's still a passable movie.

The Good:

Great idea

Fantastic finale

The Bad:

Questionable execution

Hoppers accent is horrific

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

Guns in movies are magic and have unlimited ammo

Kelly Brook can act without showing boobage

Reviewed by wexler274 7 / 10

Filmed in 2003! Where was Saw & Saw II back then?

Okay folks, everyone first needs to calm down about this film. It's not that bad... How many posts accuse it of copying Saw & Saw II, well if any of you had taken a minute before you spew your complaints. THIS FILM WAS IN PRODUCTION IN October OF 2003!!!That means the script was written way before that, any of you know where Saw & Saw II were then? This goes for the critics reviewing the film too. Shame on you for not doing your job.

As for ripping off Cube or My Little Eye, or even Battle Royale, and House On Haunted Hill, yes they are similar in theme, but does that mean the the filmmakers intentionally copied them! Half the films in Hollywood including many of the greatest have similar themes just different situations. Why don't you attack some of the 20, 30, 40, million dollar films that have all the money in the world to do what they want but just simply do remakes of old films and TV shows and rip off other films?

This film, although not great, focuses on the human nature of this situation. The psychology. And I can't believe how many people do not get the fact that the characters in the house have been picked because THEY ARE STEREOTYPES! (There actually are those in the world you know?) Anyone see CRASH for God sakes? The guy who set this up picked them for that reason, so he would get his "SHOW". He knew what each one was capable of or wanted to push one to kill, like the Priest. The speech at the beginning even states that they were not so much chosen for who they are, but WHAT THEY ARE. That is so obvious. And he also states that they have NO CONNECTION, so stop trying to find one. Those of you complaining that they immediately accept that they have to kill each other, I don't know what film you are watching. The french guy tells them he thinks that is what the Watcher guy wants but they far from accept it at that point. And for them all going mad too quick. How do you know it's too quick, there is no time frame in the film, that is also why there are the montages that many of you seem to hate, to show time passing. If they showed the film in real time you would have all complained the film was too long...

As for the acting I think besides Dennis Hopper you people are all out of your minds. These actors were really good, and if you want to blame someone for Dennis Hopper being bad, try blaming Dennis Hopper instead of the director. When was the last time he was good in anything? I know all the British have a problem with Kelly Brook, but it kind of stinks that you can't see it in you to admit that she was good.

This film should not be labeled a Horror film because it obviously attracts a crowd that expects something else. Ashame, but I think it will do well in the US.

The film had a great style, good acting, good music, and oh yea, all you who complained about the guy TRYING to act like a rapper, he is one! Asher D from the very successful So Solid Crew in the UK! It had a great ending. It does not rely on gore like Saw so maybe you can at least give it that, although there is some very graphic violence.

If you are fans of the Saw films or Cube, etc... maybe you should just skip this film cause it obviously was not made for you.

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