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Robin Wright as Stranger Lady
Dakota Fanning as Lewellen
Isabelle Fuhrman as Grasshopper
David Morse as Daddy
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Reviewed by tomgillespie2002 3 / 10

Slow-moving and cliché-ridden drama

It has been said that when it comes to cinema, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Controversy can spread word-of-mouth and natural curiosity faster than most ad campaigns, propelling a film that may have flown under most people's radar to surprise success and welcome notoriety. This isn't always the case however, as Deborah Kampmeier's Hounddog proves. Following a screening at the Sundance Film Festival, the film faced protests for a scene in which Dakota Fanning's character is raped (she was 12 at the time of filming). Hounddog went onto to be a critical and box-office failure, and has since faded into obscurity. In fact, the gut- wrenching power of the hard-to-watch rape scene and the performance of Fanning are the only good things to be said about this slow- moving and cliché-ridden drama.

It's the late 1950's. Lewellen (Fanning) is a precocious young girl living in rural Alabama with her deadbeat dad (David Morse), and next door to her religious disciplinarian grandmother (Piper Laurie). She spends most of her spare time performing awful renditions of her favourite Elvis Presley songs, or down at the local watering hole with her friend Buddy (Cody Hanford). The two share the odd kiss and inspect each other's private parts with fascination. We're told that Daddy is abusive, and clearly gets violent with his new girlfriend (listed as 'Stranger Lady' in the credits and played by Robin Wright). However, he is struck by lightning one night and reduced to a simpleton, becoming reliant on his tom-boy daughter and terrified she will abandon him. Lewellen's main concern is nabbing tickets for Elvis's visit to town, until a horrific attack turns her world upside down.

In an attempt to capture Lewellen's poverty and the general barrenness of the Deep South setting, Kampmeier has pasted together images of rusty, decrepit vehicles parked on overgrown lawns and damp, sweaty interiors, combined with the constant chirping of crickets. It's beautifully filmed, but this kind of imagery has been used countless times before. It often feels like a foreigner's idea of Alabama, all string vests, small-town ignorance and God-fearing. You wait for the story to kick into gear, but it never does. Instead, the film seems to revel in putting Lewellen through one horrible experience after another, with seemingly no point. She seeks guidance from local snake-catcher Charles (Afemo Omilami), who teaches the girl about the blues which inspired Elvis, and the two share a few scenes in which he comes across as the clichéd wise black man. Hounddog is terrible on almost every level, but thank God for Fanning, who even outshines seasoned veterans like Morse and Wright.

Reviewed by punishmentpark 2 / 10

Truly uninspiring.

Dakota Fanning. I haven't seen much with her in it, but she was pretty good in Kelly Reichardt's 'Night moves'. There, she played a much more sober role than in this one, and it seemed befitting. Here, she is quite disappointing; some provocative dancing, some mediocre singing, a few teen tantrums and some awful screaming (the scene in which David Morse joins in with the screaming is truly awful). Never did she convince me of the pain and anguish Lewellen was in.

The premise is relatively promising, but the story quickly becomes inane and boring. Seldom do I wish to turn off a movie, but 'Hounddog' accomplished that. The dialogues range from nothing special to truly annoying (although I was unable to understand all of them, due to the lack of subtitles), and really none of the acting was impressive, which also had much to do with the poor direction, I'm sure. There are some pretty pictures of the American South to look at, but they amount to very little here.

Uninspired is the key word here, even if the story is all about being truly inspired (through blues music)... It's almost shocking to learn that the director is a prominent name in the academic world.

2 out of 10.

Reviewed by postalinvt 8 / 10

Amovie to be seen

So, here I am, almost ten years after the fact, writing a review. I am a big fan of miss Fannings and I decided to see this film when I read about it on Amazon just recently. I had never heard of it before and I shouldn't be surprised after seeing the opening weekend box office take.

Not withstanding all the criticism you will read on this site you MUST see this movie if you admire the acting skill of Dakota Fanning. I watched Man on fire to see Denzel and fell in love with a little girl! The so-called "rape" scene consists of a shot of Dakota from the shoulders up and it made me want to cry; She's just that expressive. The other moment of great acting I notice was her singing the blues in the barn (nice voice). Before the rape OK but not touching my heart; After the rape, a completely different experience! How can any human without decades of life experience know how to do that?

I believe she would have, and should have, won awards for this film had it been given any kind of support. Give yourself a treat and watch this.

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