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Jimmy Smits as Stars Team Member
James Pickens Jr. as (as James Pickens)
Jim Youngs as Jimmy Kristidis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rd_warrior94 8 / 10

Great Soccer movie

Although the production values are not award winning the premise inspired me to excel at soccer and gave me an insight as to how to be better at anything in life. I use this movie in any sport to show the real reasons for participating in athletics. and... Billy Warlock in a wheelchair need I say more. Pele's involvement gives a unique insight into the passion in which soccer is treated in the rest of the world.His credibility adds to the flavor of Hotshot. This movie has the potential to rival great sports movies such as Hoosiers, side-out, and Rudy. I would recommend this for any sports fan, sports participant, and I hope you enjoy it !!

Reviewed by oldschoolt 10 / 10

Best Soccer Movie Ever

This movie inspired me as a little kid to play soccer. Pele, the legend himself, is in the movie, so that gives it instant credibility. I highly recommend this movie to any true soccer fan, it is definitely low budget, but the soccer is awesome, especially since soccer isn't exactly big market in the U.S.

Reviewed by plytry 8 / 10

An excellent soccer movie for a novice

I remember renting this movie quite a few times when it first came out, and because my husband was a soccer player from high school to adulthood in various leagues, we both enjoyed it. Back then, we didn't buy the movies to keep. Since then, I have raised our boys (alone; the hubby is no longer around), and both of my sons love playing soccer, but neither have ever seen this movie, nor do they believe it exists! I spent a couple of years trying to remember the name of the movie, and searching online about movies Pele was in so I could purchase the movie. Now, it's discontinued, and I can't find it anywhere. I would dearly love to have at least one copy of the movie (VHS or DVD), so I can show it to my sons when they come home on leave (both are serving with the USAF). If there is anyone who reads these who would be willing to give up a copy of this movie, I'd love to hear from that person! By the way, my daughter in law has heard of Pele, but has no idea how great a player he really was in his day. The movie was exciting, and in my opinion, was a good movie. I'm at the age where a good movie doesn't need violence, blood, or sex, just a semi-decent plot with action that didn't involve any of the above!

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