Hot Mess



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fionaroberts-35768 8 / 10

Relatable Loz, I know that girl!

I went to the Cinema Nova in Melbourne to see the screening of Hot Mess and immediately fell in love with its charm. Its made on next to nothing and using just the basics of any indie film maker's under-resourced smorgasbord, but for what it is, a small independent film addressing the age old question of 'will you love me?' I thought it was really fun and recommend anyone to see it. There are some nice moments in there which sit well and the lead actress who plays Loz is so relatable to my early 20s that its like looking at a mirror. I guess that's why I liked it because it reminded me of me so much. We had the chance to talk to the cast and director at the end of the movie who were really sweet, making me enjoy this movie so much more just hearing about how they made the film. Its light and funny and something relatable especially if you've bee Loz in a former life! Would love for this to be a series on Netflix if possible.

Reviewed by julietrtimmerman 10 / 10

Hilarious and refreshing

This film made me laugh out loud, cringe with empathy, and cry - such a rollercoaster. Absolutely hilarious, and relatable as. The acting is grounded and superb, loved it!

Reviewed by movieguy3000 3 / 10


Its not a bad movie, it s=does have charm and some interesting moments but overall there is no plot or story, its just a bunch of scenes. Th main actress just passes in acting but she doesn't belong on screen, its hard to watch people who don't look like actors or unrelatable or not the right fit for a role. I'm a huge supporter of Australian film and spend alot of money going to these films but I will speak the truth. Female directors for some strange reason love to indulge in overly sexualised content. Its always crude and vulgar and they say men are pigs. Don't believe me just look up any Aussie film directed by a female. Fantastic work getting the film done. Looks like students shot it, not filmed well, backyard job and terrible colour grading.

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