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Danny Masterson as Agent Koontz
Donald Faison as Mr. Huffington
Angela Kinsey as Candy HUffington
Anthony Anderson as Agent Frazier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 1 / 10

What is a hot bot not? Funny, that's what it's not.

Hot Bot's writer/director Michael Polish clearly intended for his teen sex comedy to be a hilarious mix of Weird Science and Superbad, Cynthia Kirchner's high-tech sex robot Bardot replacing Kelly LeBrock's living Barbie-doll, with high-school geeks Leonard Stupenski (Zack Pearlman) and Limus Huffington (Doug Haley) a cross between Superbad's Seth and Evan and Weird Science's Gary and Wyatt. What he actually delivers is a charmless wreck of a film with zero laughs that is about as sexy as sticking your dick in a light socket.

Limus is a scrawny, lank haired dweeb with a charisma bypass, while his best friend Leonard is unlikeable in almost every way imaginable (imagine an even more irritating version of Jonah Hill crossed with Jack Black at his most grating, and you're not even close to how obnoxious this guy is). Within minutes, I was rooting for these idiots to be captured by the FBI agents—who are hunting for the missing sex-bot—and made to 'disappear' (ie., a shot to the back of the head and a shallow grave); sadly, they're there for the duration, 86 painful minutes of desperately unfunny, puerile gags as the lads try to keep Bardot from her intended owner, sleaze-ball Senator Biter (Larry Miller).

After much inane 'comedy' during which neither nerd scores with the sex-bot (despite being invited to f*** within minutes of meeting her), Polish adds insult to injury with several supposedly hilarious out-takes during the end credits that somehow prove even less funny than the stuff that made it into the film.

Reviewed by andy-71064 1 / 10

Don't...just don't.....

As other reviewers have said, this is a pile of poo, it's dreadful.

I couldn't find one redeeming scene or performance in the whole damn movie.

The 2 geeks are awful stereotypes, one taking unlikeability to a whole new level and the other one just bland, bland, bland.

The "hot bot" isn't, not even lukewarm.

If you're thinking Kelly le Brock in weird science then stop now, she's nowhere close.

The script is awful too.

It's just a really bad movie.

Reviewed by ivko 1 / 10


Some talented comedians are in this, but don't let that fool you. It's not funny, sexy, or interesting. I watched the first 11 minutes and 34 seconds on Netflix, then flipped to the last 5 to see how it ended and couldn't make it; it was just too painful to watch. The writer and director should be drummed out of the industry and be sentenced to watch this film in its entirety every day for the rest of their lives.

Apparently this review needs 10 lines to be publishable. I find it ironic that the standards required for me to warn you how awful this, this whatever it is (visual sadness?), are apparently higher than the standards required to produce it in the first place.

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