Home Invasion



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Scott Adkins as Heflin
Jason Patric as Mike
Garry Chalk as Sheriff Kane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patrick-cawley 7 / 10

Unexpectedly Enjoyable

A really nice film that proved an unexpected joy to watch. I say "unexpected" because of some of the appalling reviews seen here on IMDb, which - in my view - this film does not deserve.

It has a nice pace and storyline that will keep most people entertained and thrilled right to the end. Granted, it may not win an Oscar but it is well made and well acted. Definitely worth a watch despite the negative reviews, some of which I'm sure were written by people who either haven't seen the film or simply haven't a clue about what's good and what isn't. Yes, they're entitled to their opinions but those who are giving this one star clearly do not know what they're on about.

The story is good, the title gives a clue as to what it's about; I won't add any spoilers.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Reasonable Thriller for Home Video

Chloe Paige (Natasha Henstridge) and her stepson Jacob (Liam Dickinson) live in an isolated mansion in an island. Chloe's husband is traveling and she does not know his whereabouts. One stormy night, Chloe is drinking wine with her friend Alice (Johannah Newmarch) when a car arrives and Alice believes they are strangers needing information. When she leaves the house, she is murdered by a masked man. Chloe closes the front door and calls the police and the home security company. However the police can not cross the bridge that was damaged by the criminals. Meanwhile the trio of criminals breaks in Chloe's house. The security agent Mike (Jason Patric) uses the security cameras to advise Chloe where to hide. The trio is looking for a safe and for Chloe while she is hidden with Jacob. Will the police arrive in time to save Chloe and Jacob?

"Home Invasion" is a reasonable thriller considering that it is home video. The story is simple and tense but the characters have unreasonable attitudes. Chloe does not use her car to break down the gate of the garage and flee with her stepson. She shoots Heflin but does not take his weapon and stays in the fire line with her stepson. Heflin threatens Chloe to open the safe instead of leaving his skilled partner continue his attempt. The criminal in the truck shoots the police officers in a senseless decision since he was one against a group. In addition, there is an electrical power outage on the exact moment that Chloe and Jacob are opening the gate. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): Not available on Blu-Ray or DVD

Reviewed by albereinstein 1 / 10

Simply Awful!

Wow! What a pure waste of time watching this film. I mean from start to finish this was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot. So the movies is about these people who Natasha Henstridge's husband have stolen from, and they arrive at her home to exact what is in a safe behind a wall in the house. The story never tells you anything of the who what when where or how or even the contents of the safe. Its just a home invasion of very upscale home in which they now terrorize a mother and her son. The mother calls their home security service and from there the movies just goes completely down hill. Personally I think this was a major slap in the face to 911 emergency and law enforcement, and nothing but a marketing strategy to get more middle to upper class homeowners to invest in security systems. But after watching this simply awful movie, all I wanna do is go out and get a 9mm and two Doberman. If wanna watch good home invasion movie, which most of you have probably already watched, nothing will beat Panic Room.

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