Home Invasion


Action / Thriller

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Haylie Duff as Jade / Megan
Barbara Niven as Tricia Patterson
Al Sapienza as Detective Klein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Home Invaders-These Robbers Should Have Stayed Away ****

This is a gem of a film when 3 people storm into a house and one winds up dead with a bullet in his back. His cohort flees with the dead guy's girlfriend, but she soon hits him over the head and goes back to take unbelievable revenge on the woman who fired the fatal bullet.

This excellent drama becomes one where the tables are turned on the woman who killed in self-defense. For starters, the revengeful woman nearly causes her to lose her child, poisons the food in her new restaurant and then burns it down so that it will appear that the woman was out to collect the insurance. She also nearly has the adopted child drowned so that the social agency will take her away and ultimately she wants to kill the boyfriend of the victimized woman in the old eye for an eye attitude.

This is handled very well. Our vengeful lady is cunning, devious and a pleasure to enjoy on the screen. Ditto for all cast members in this highly effective thriller. Even the police are ready to arrest our victim for arson.

There is non-stop intimidation and the ending is absolutely great.

Reviewed by dawnferris 6 / 10

Somewhat cliché but not a terrible movie

This is the first time I've written a review on IMd.I check here often to make sure the movie I plan on watching is indeed watchable. But after reading Navy's review (above mine) I had to say something. This is for reviews Navy. If the content of the movie is not to your liking STOP WATCHING. I'm assuming you realized what the movie was about before you started? Okay, this type of movie has been done.Angry boyfriend/girlfriend, mom/dad seek revenge on their loved ones killer, whether the killing was justified or not. Heck most of Lifetimes movies are just like this! The movie moved along quickly, held my interest and even had me yelling at my TV! As I said, it's been done ,so have most of the movies Hollywood gives us these days. Even so, it was a decent movie the acting was well done and it was decently written. I'm being generous with my 6 out of 10, if only for it's predictability.I'm glad I watched it on my streaming channel rather than purchasing it. It was worth 7.99 a month but not 19.99 for a copy of the movie. I've seen much, much worse on these streaming channels , thank goodness this one was decent.

Reviewed by authorb22 8 / 10

Pretty good Lifetime movie

Home Invasion is a pretty good Lifetime movie. It's nothing that would win an award, but it's still pretty good. Haylie Duff and Lisa Sheridan are very well in their respective roles.

The film's premise is very intriguing. Restaurant owner Nicole Johnson (Sheridan) walks in on a (surprise, surprise) home invasion with her adopted daughter, Abigail (Kyla Dang). Nicole is able to shoot and kill on of the intruders, Will (Taymour Ghazi) and forces the other one, Ray (C. Thomas Howell) to flee the house. The gang's lookout, Jade (Duff), is forced by Ray to drive away, leaving Will, her boyfriend, behind.

After ditching Ray in the forest, Jade returns to LA, meets Nicole in a crime victims support group, and sets about destroying her life. The ways that Duff's character goes about destroying the woman's life are very elaborate and seems a bit complicated for a regular person to do. One of the most complex acts she does is make copies of Nicole's keys, breaks into her restaurant (which she's already had closed by putting a substance in the food, making many people sick), setting the place on fire, and planting evidence to frame Nicole for the crime, causing her to lose her daughter.

I won't spoil the ending, but it is pretty good, if not a bit simplistic and predictable. And now, having gotten my positives out of the way, here's my negatives: 1. While Duff and Sheridan shined in their respective roles, Jason Brooks (who plays Nicole's recovering alcoholic boyfriend) is a bit bland in his role as the clueless Lifetime boyfriend who doesn't think anything is amiss until he's nearly killed. And Kyla Dang's portrayal as the innocent Lifetime child pulled into the drama is a bit overly dramatic. 2. C. Thomas Howell's character, Ray, is just awful and could have been taken out, and he should have. Ray is completely unlikable and is your stereotypical "evil Lifetime man" 3. When Jade first meets Nicole at the crime support group, she lies and says her name is Megan. Why does she have to lie about her name? Nicole doesn't know her, so it won't be a risk to reveal her first name. 4. One of Jade's acts of revenge against Nicole is convince her daughter, Abigail, to swim in the pool alone, despite not knowing how to swim. But Abigail's character seems to be between the ages of 8 and 11. Wouldn't she be old enough to know she shouldn't swim alone?

But this movie is still very good and you should watch it if you get the chance.

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