Holy Matrimony


Comedy / Crime

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Tate Donovan as Peter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 6 / 10

Moralist but Cute

Havana (Patricia Arquette) and her boyfriend Peter (Tate Donovan) rob a large amount from the safe of her chief in the fair where she works. On the next morning, they see Peter on the front page headline. They realize that there was a hidden camera and now they are wanted by the police. They flee and Peter convinces Havana to travel to the Hutterite community where he was raised. He lies to his uncle Wilhelm (Armin Mueller-Stahl) and tells that Havana is his wife. They are forced to get married in the community to live together. Peter hides the money to force Havana to stay with him. However he has a car accident and dies. In accordance with the Hutterite traditions, Havana has to leave the village or marry Peter's brother, who is the boy Ezekiel (Joseph Gordon- Levitt). Havana needs more time to find the money and accepts to get married with the boy. Meanwhile the corrupt FBI Agent Markowski (John Schuck) is seeking Peter and Havana out to take their money for him.

"Holy Matrimony" is a moralist but cute comedy. Watching this 1994 film in 2016, it is funny to see the boy Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The twenty-six year-old Patricia Arquette is in the top of her beauty. Another attraction is the director Leonard "Mr. Spock" in his last work as a film director. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Santo Matrimônio" ("Holy Matrimony")

Reviewed by brad-kruse 5 / 10

Lukewarm moral tale

I have this on LaserDisc, and watch it again now and then. I enjoy the depiction of the Hutterites and their moral life, and how they come to influence Arquette.

This is intended to be a strong, moral tale of the perils of evil, and how a good man can turn a bad woman around. Arquette starts out as a carnival worker obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, thinking that Monroe's cheerful public persona meant Monroe was happy. She considers how money would make her happy and doesn't think at all about what stealing is, when she helps stage a robbery.

Her accomplice, Tate, steals, drinks (while, *gasp*, driving!), and uses others, pretty consistently. Quite self-centered and moderately charming.

Watching the Hutterite community reluctantly admit Arquette first as Tate's wife, then as Gordon-Levitt's wife, we see a disciplined community, remaining steadfast and true to their teachings and beliefs. Arquette, on the other hand, we see first ridicule and play at adapting to the Hutterites, then later actually expressing their beliefs and values in her life.

The only Hutterite we see change is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Who goes from a fainting exasperation of Arquette to a reluctant concern for her, to admiration and respect. This change occurs when Arquette stops reflecting the shallow culture she started out in, and begins to hold an appreciation for moral beliefs and respect. And, in the end, a love of family and friends.

The storytelling is a bit rougher than a Disney-type family film, nor was it popular for showing Godly beliefs as being comforting and supportive. The comedy is a bit earthy, mostly about clashing customs. The Hutterites are all shown to be consistently moral, cheerful, generous, and respectful. We don't get much of their actual teachings (a reclusive Jewis sect, I believe). I especially enjoy one scene where Gordon-Levitt challenges how Arquette picks a guy (from a bar), 'Is his word golden? Is he gentle with animals and children?' The movie plot may be weaker than need be, but it is told in a *nice* way.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Amusing comedy about a couple hidden in a religious community

The movie concerns on a thieves pair named Havana and Peter(Patricia Arquette, Tate Donovan) rob a country fair proprietary(Richard Riehle)and fled to only place where no one look for them. Both determine which the best way to avoid detection is to blend with the Hutterite community, an Amish-alike society and where Peter was raised by his parents(Armin Mueller Stahl, Lois Smith). Peter hides his loot in a secret hiding location, but then he soon dies in a car crash. His little boy brother named Ezequiel(Joseph Gordon Lewitt) is called to replace him and marry to Havana. She has to adjust to the new life style and his feeling for the boy. And end up interwoven a sensitive undercurrent of caring and she learns how to love all over again. Meanwhile, they're pursued by two agents(John Schuck, Courtney Vance).

This is an enjoyable comedy with good feeling, entertaining, agreeable humor and language is suitable for all. The main issue about this movie is from how she tries to adapt the new life whilst keeping up the presence of being a good woman . It's enough remarkable in portraying the Hutterite way of life sympathetically and the likable relationship of the juvenile marriage. It's understandable why it was not great success in the theatre, as it has not spectacular special effects , isn't a blockbuster , but for the television set , its's just what is required. The film takes parts here and there from ¨Witness¨(Peter Weir with Harrison Ford) and ¨For richer and poorer¨(Bryan Spicer with Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley). Colorful cinematography by Bukowski and emotive musical score by Bruce Broughton. The motion picture is professionally directed by the famous Leonard Nimoy, Spock . He's a good director of comedy-drama(Good mother, Funny about love, 3 men and a baby), Sci-Fi(Star Trek III and V) and occasionally for television(Deadly games,Night gallery, T.J. Hooker). Rating : Average but bemusing.

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