Hint of Love


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Debs Howard as Becky Bayer
Matthew James Dowden as Robert Flannigan
Dennis Andres as Will Fryer
Aadila Dosani as Madeline Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rebekahrox 9 / 10

A Winning Recipe

Dennis Andres shines in this entertaining and well-written TV romance. This is the second time I have seen him and he is even better in this one. He plays a cookbook author and blogger whose cooking is aimed at busy single fathers who want to serve up a home-cooked meal in less than 30 minutes. In order to expand his brand he gets hooked up with our Heroine who is a cordon-Bleu trained Cookbook editor who specializes in high end hoity-toity fare. Hilarity, conflict, and romance ensue.

As the down-to-earth rough around the edges hero, Will, Dennis Andres overflows with charm and appeal. He is attractive but not GQ male-model handsome. His line delivery is natural whether funny or heartfelt. A few times it sounded like he was ad-libbing his lines. I guess that means he is a good actor. As his love interest, Debs Howard is well cast with her patrician looks, and has a good character arc. At first, pretentious, snobby, and self-righteous (as Will tells her to her face), we learn that all is not what it seems on the surface. We find out she is from Albuquerque, her parents are down-home "just folks" and her abandoned dream is to open her own restaurant. The "opposites attract" chemistry between the two is right on and the kiss at the end was...yeah.

The script has some wit and good banter: "Who hates Nachos?! That's like hating Freedom!" Couldn't agree more. The initial hostility between the two food-lovers is well balanced. They are at odds but and both have some good points in their arguments. They gradually get on the same page through compromise and listening. There is some good conflict from a snooty boyfriend to a weasel of a boss, and cheer-worthy good triumphing over evil scenes at the end.

I will definitely be looking forward to more TV romances with this talented new-to-the-genre actor. Hope he isn't "discovered" too soon!

Reviewed by brianflon 7 / 10

memo to personal attackers

There is nothing cheaper and easier than attacking the way a person looks. There should be a rule in place that the attacker must post a photo of themselves along with their attack. Guarantee this kind of garbage would stop immediately.

Reviewed by jnh-123-746786 10 / 10

Goodness me what did I watch?

I am muchly puzzled by the previous review which pretty much slaugtered this movie. Not sure what I watched but defintely wasn't what they watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it and obviously others have too or it wouldn't have such a respectable rating. It's one thing for a movie not to be the right one for you, totally different to make personal attacks on an actor. If you just want to watch a pleasant typical fun light romance movie, watch this one. I think you'll be surprised.

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