High Flying Romance


Action / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 76


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Jessica Lowndes as Hannah Adams
Christopher Russell as Gavin McQueen
Lisa Durupt as Shirley
Donna Benedicto as Katie Longhorn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by helfranstan 8 / 10

Did well to film it in the pandemic

This movie is ok and they dealt reasonably well with filming in the pandemic - the kite flying scenes are beautiful but in unrealistically small spaces, however that's understandable considering the global situation. As frequently happens, there's too much pressure on the lead to find love and I had to fast forward the piano lesson scenes, because progress was ridiculously fast, sadly typical in TV shows. Indeed, there's quite a lot packed into the time frame, but it's a got good age range with three generations and the dog is characterized better than in many such flicks.

Reviewed by agnethagillbanks20 7 / 10

Predictable but cute!!

The movie is very predictable as are most romance movies but it was still cute and it was nice seeing Jessica Lowndes in a movie after so long. Good for a one time watch.

Reviewed by hallmarkmov 5 / 10

Very little kite flying

I went in thinking this movie would be all about kite flying with beautiful kites in the air and a predictable love story- it wasn't. Like most of the movies with the main actress, she has to sing a few times taking focus away from the plot. The scenes were very choppy transitioning from a kite registration to her birthday party with people she didn't seem to know. The cute dog and kid did help, but there was little chemistry between the leads. There was so much emphasis at the start of the movie about the kid having no babysitter and the dog have no one to take care of, yet there were lots of times when the leads were alone and where was the kid and dog? Some rehashed scenes from previous hallmark movies such as going into a random barn and trying on old hats? There were too many side stories and not enough focus on a coherent story.

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