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Bart Johnson as Henry Barrett
Ryan Shoos as Bobby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by improwise-248-181689 3 / 10

Awfull casting

Seriously, who was responsible for the casting in this movie? Are we supposed to believe that a good looking hunk is willing to risk and do everything to get his average-at-best headcase wife to stay married to him instead of just take the chance to to get out?

Reviewed by damatk2568-179-380636 7 / 10

Decent; Good thriller

I like these kind of thrillers, so wanted to give it a try. Knowing the main actress was the writer, was also interested to see how this would go. Happy to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Provides good suspense and interest, even knowing what kind of movie it was. Overall captures the feel women can have with the Uber driver questions, etc; it's timely with some of these messages/ideals. The twist was good, the very ending with Uber driver added balance on how men were portrayed. Overall, good flick for what it was. It moved at a good pace, felt shorter than it actually was. Sure some areas could have been polished more, but overall was decent. Recommend giving it a watch.

Reviewed by stevendbeard 7 / 10

Liked It More Than I Thought I Would

I saw "Held", starring Jill Awbrey-in her theatrical debut; Bart Johnson-Little Women_2018, the High School Musical movies; Rez Kempton-The Mummy_2017, The Hidden Persuaders and Travis Cluff-Prey, the Gallows movies.

This is a tricky one to talk about without giving too much away-it's better if you don't know too many details-but I liked it more than I thought I would. Jill and Bart are a married couple that are going away to a secluded house for the weekend to work on their marriage. They have been going through a rough patch. In fact, Jill and Bart arrive at the house separately-Rez plays an Uber driver that takes Jill to the house. It's not long before Jill and Bart realize that they are not alone in the house. In fact, they are locked in. A mysterious voice, Travis, starts telling them that they need to do certain things and if they obey, they will be able to leave. But, if they refuse, there will be consequences. Of course, they refuse. But then they realize that they may not have a choice-they get tortured when they are bad-and decide to obey, or at least until they can figure a way out. FYI: Jill wrote the script and it's directed by Travis-the Voice.

It's not rated but it contains violence and language and has a running time of 1 hour & 34 minutes.

I liked it and would buy it on DVD.

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