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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 4 / 10

You Found Me

Ryan (Samuel Brian) and Jack (Joey Bell) are best friends who are also pranksters and run a web site called, "Boo Ya" something that was better depicted in the deleted scenes. As sis moves out Ryan inherits her job watching Dottie Porter's bird and home while she is away. Ryan and Jack explore Dottie's storage attic and find an old doll without eyes (ignore DVD cover with red eye) with the name tag of Heidi. Heidi seems to be able to move by herself or is it one of the pranksters? I believe Heidi's last name was Houdini.

This is a "found footage" film except all the footage was destroyed so it was never found. Also pictures of the doll can not be up load to any web site, which is why they had to delete one scene...they wanted it both ways. Special effects included shooting a still picture of a doll and then shooting it in another position claiming it moved. Not high tech but marginally effective.

Winner of 5 awards at PollyGrind Underground Film Festival of Las Vegas including best horror and acting award for Joei Fulco. Joei sings and plays the guitar in the deleted scenes. She started out playing herself in the TV series "Wife Swap" and is up and coming in the "B" world of films, Nevada's answer to Utah's Danielle Chuchran.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by derekjager 4 / 10

Goes on and on and on and on a bit too long

This wasn't anything we haven't seen before but I enjoy FF movies so I wanted to give it a try. The cast is likable and fun, they prank one another so there's no reason to believe them when things go bad.

However, the plotting is a little too clunky. The doll Heidi is locked up, gets loose. But the reactions aren't "OMG!!!" It's more like, "Wtf?" And then it happens again. And again. And again. There's never the sense that something truly out of the ordinary has happened. Even when they throw it out a couple times and it comes back...still not much reaction.

Then for some reason, some people are murdered and the film just sort of loses its focus. (Animals are killed too, and that always bugs me more than the humans!) And I started to lose interest. They hire a psychic to find out what's going on and she's no help, Google is no help...and I gave up. Didn't watch the last 20 minutes--which shows that I really did lose interest!

Reviewed by rottpro 10 / 10

Best found footage horror of the year.

I had the privilege of seeing Heidi at the 2014 Pollygrind fest. I knew nothing but the title of the film, and that it was a packed house. That was it. Unlike allot of the internet, I enjoy a good "found footage" film, the genre has an immediacy and and honesty in it's scares that just works for me. From the first act of the film I could tell that this wasn't just another kids go missing in the woods affair. The film had an instant charm that really doesn't let up. Speaking of not letting up, the increasing sense of danger this tiny doll imposes as the film rolls. This film was made BEFORE Annabelle BTW, and honestly shares pretty much nothing other than a haunted doll at their core. Either way, the film runs us through a series of very well done set pieces meant to do one thing, be scary and build the danger that lead to a climax that unlike allot of FF films, doesn't just peter out. These sequences really show the film makers clever side, utilizing the approach in such different and unique ways, it's hard not to get sucked into the fun of the whole affair. I truly hope Heidi gets a nice fat distribution deal because say what you will about found footage, this movie rocks what its got and then some, and seeing some of the dribble that hits big screens representing the genre, it would nice to see something so well crafted and with so much heart behind it up there of the marquee.

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