He Knows You're Alone


Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 30%
IMDb Rating 5 10 3301


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Dorian Lopinto as Gamble's Bride
Paul Gleason as Det. Frank Daley
Russell Todd as Boy in Car
James Rebhorn as Prof. Carl Mason
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by badgrrlkane 7 / 10

Way cool 80's slasher film! Just seen it tonight after not seeing it for the past 26 yrs.

I love a lot of the different ways in the 80's slasher scripts tried to differ from each other while most were the same churned out bunch of young bimbos run too slow or go into a room/building alone when they know someone's either killing everyone they know or their's a killer loose. Now, this film doesn't differ that much from the others except that it's brides to be that are being massacred & it's the first starring role for the soon to be Academy Award winner Tom Hanks! But,this one isn't that hokey,it's actually scary. i have to say after having the "beejeebus!" scared out of me when i was 7 yrs old & I saw this for the 1st time, i still when someone sit behind me in a theater I turn around & at least glance at them as the girl killed at the beginning of the film, where she's watching a cheesy horror film & as she goes to the bathroom she realizes someone's stalking her, yet she can see no one. She sits down,complains to her girl-friend, who tells her it's just the movie making her paranoid & as she's watching, very silently a man sits in back of her & as the film on screen progresses with the girl getting gutted on-screen, he pulls one of the biggest knives out in a slasher film ever& proceeds to drive it through the movie seat into the girls back, while her girl-friend thinks she's hiding her eyes,the guy just as silently leaves, while the lady screams as she realizes her friend is dead. And, I've never been able to listen to the headphone, while smoking a J by myself in a house after this horror classic, as the main girl's friend after her friend states she thinks someone's following her, after seeing some weird guy looking at her in a carnival's funhouse, & she goes to take her 12 yr old niece home, her best bud takes a shower, hears a noise, mistakes it for her imagination,gets out of the shower, walks through the kitchen, as she passes the knifes mounted on the wall, you'll notice the humongous butcher knife is missing off of the wall, after it was there in a scene 3 or 4 mins earlier. She rolls up a doob, lays back to listen to soft 80's Canadian rock (I guess??) & is so rudely interrupted as the killer grabs her hair & pulls the huge knife up to her throat! Her friend,who's the bride-to-be comes home & is greeted with the wonderful & visually frightening scene of her best girlfriend's head floating in the fish tank! Definitely, left a major impact on me now as much as when i was 7, watching it. Don't be surprised to see Hollywood after remaking all of the more popular Horror classics, winds up going for gems like this to remake. The only thing I don't like about this film, is the rush job ending with the killer, & the fact that even though the heroine survives the Wedding killer, her jilted fiancée who she leaves for the guy who rescues her from the Wedding Killer, comes to her wedding to her hero & kills her at the end of the film, or so your led to believe, which was a way to try & leave it open to a sequel,i guess ? Anyway if you haven't seen this 1980 horror gem, rent or buy it! Very good for what it is. *** out of *****

Reviewed by MarieGabrielle 6 / 10

Some interesting aspects....

Some of the scenes in this movie , while we have seen them before, are worth a view, rather odd at times.

Tom Hanks in a bit part as a psychology major talking about fear and how audiences pay to be frightened , as a spoof of the movie itself.

Tom Rolfing as the Michael Myers type villain is good, this is a comparable film to "Halloween". The scene with the fish tank is something you will remember for a few days, at any rate. The scenes in the amusement park are good, better than "Terror Train" a vehicle which included, of all young struggling actors, Bill Maher.

Anyway, if you are up for it, there is also an amusing scene with now famous James Rebhorn ("Far from Heaven", "The Incredible Mr. Ripley") as a cheating professor having an affair with his student. He comes to a bad end, here. 6/10.

Reviewed by EvilOges 8 / 10

Underrated And Creepy

Sure, this movie is definitely a Halloween clone, but why should that mean it's bad? If Halloween is so good and this movie resembles it, then why not like this one as well? I don't understand why so many people have a problem with that. I mean, Halloween itself is a clone of another movie anyway (Black Christmas). So if you can accept that, then accept this one too.

Out of all the 80's slashers, He Knows You're Alone definitely ranks up there with the best and most underrated. Right from the clever opening sequence (which was later copied for the opening of Scream 2), I was instantly hooked. From there, it develops a quick and simple backstory where we learn that the killer was dumped by his fiancé so she could marry another man. And as a result, a few screws are pulled loose in his head and he begins hacking up a bunch of brides-to-be, which brings us to the main character of the film and her friends who he begins to stalk.

The pacing throughout the film was very well done. It built up a very effect creepy atmosphere that oozed with this sort of quiet dread that can really manage to make you feel uneasy. The characters were actually quite likable here, which is something of a rarity in the slasher genre, and they were very well acted (including Tom Hanks in his very first movie appearance). The great musical score, while it will definitely remind you of the Main Title theme of Halloween, also had it's own unique sound that made it very memorable and haunting. It really helped make the atmosphere even creepier, especially afterwards when you've finished watching the movie and the theme is still stuck in your head. Another major plus involves the killer. We barely get to see him and when we do, we're reduced to only a tight shot on his creepy bulging eyes. And it's pretty refreshing to see a killer's bare face since most slasher maniacs always wear a mask.

So if you're a fan of Halloween or other similar themed horror movies, then I would definitely recommend this one. It's a real shame that this one got overlooked during the whole slasher boom that Halloween started back in the 70's and 80's. It's pretty creepy and well worth watching overall.

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