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Reviewed by nikrandell 10 / 10

Loving Peter Tatchell!

Just watched an incredible tribute to one of my all time favourite heroes, Peter Tatchell, in 'Hating Peter Tatchell' on Netflix. A brand new documentary, superbly crafted by Chris Amos, featuring not only Peter, but Sir Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry, Elton John and many others - all waxing lyrical about one of the most significant human rights ambassadors of our time. Everybody should watch this and learn about the man who has so often lead the way in trying to make the world a better - and kinder - place for everyone, whilst frequently putting himself in grave danger and suffering horrific attacks and injuries along the way. Top marks.

Reviewed by kkemeny 10 / 10


An amazing documentary about a man who has dedicated his life for justice.

Brave beyond belief. Selfless and truthful. The documentary should become compulsory subject for high school students at their social studies, history and leadership classes. Thank you for all the documentary footage and also the assistance of Ian Ian McKellen and Stephen Fry as Peter Tatschell's interviewers.

Reviewed by meathookcinema 8 / 10

A Great Documentary Portrait of a Great Man

A new addition to Netflix, this documentary chronicles the life and activism of Peter Tatchell who has campaigned for gay rights and indeed, human rights since his late teens.

Born in Australia, he campaigned for issues such as Aboriginal land rights whilst at college.

He moved to Britain where days after his arrival he learnt of the Gay Liberation Front, promptly joined and then within a month was a major player who wasn't just participating in events but also helping to organise them.

The film details chronologically his campaigns including the time when he ran as a Labour candidate for the seat at Bermondsey in the by-election in 1983 after joining Labour in 1981. He was openly gay and the opposition's campaigns against him were based on homophobia and smears with hatred directed against gay people being rife within wider society at the time.

Whilst you may think Hating Peter Tatchell is a congratulatory affair that does nothing but praise Tatchell and his actions, this isn't the case with the campaigns staged by his group OutRage being explored and spoken about his the many people who contribute to this film. Such actions as outing several prominent people within the church as gay whilst they condemned homosexuality in the name of their faith and disrupting a prominent Easter service given by George Carey the then Archbishop of Canterbury made Tatchell as many detractors as supporters in the press.

But it was Tatchell's direct action that switched public opinion towards him. Seen as foolish by some (although no one can deny he has guts) to stage citizen's arrests on such figures as Robert Mugabe, Mike Tyson and even Vladimir Putin, he suffered physical retaliations in some of these actions and has suffered semi permanent brain damage as a result. Tatchell saw this as being a small price to pay when fighting for the rights of others.

The contributors include such luminaries as Stephen Fry, Tom Robinson and Ian McKellan who interviews Tatchell. Even George Carey is interviewed about the incident regarding the disrupted Easter service.

The film shows that Tatchell had the tenacity, strength and conviction to openly oppose certain people and their views whilst fighting for the rights and dignities of often marginalised groups. He wants equality and this means fighting for all sides regarding this. An example of this was when he fought for heterosexuals to have the right to have civil partnerships as he could see that they provided some advantages to some rather than traditional marriages.

We are also taken on one of his campaigns so that we can see how nerve wrecking such an event is, how much planning goes into it and how courageous Tatchell is. The event in question is Peter going to the Olympics being held in Russia to expose the country's vile stance regarding gay people there.

From revolutionary agitator to national treasure but don't let that fool you. Tatchell's work isn't over yet. This documentary shows just how valuable the Tatchells of this world really are and what REAL activism looks like.

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