Happy Little Bunnies


Comedy / Horror

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 23


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stunnerman 1 / 10

bad movie

I wrote my review and it didn't get posted for some reason bt anywho this movie is really bad.

Reviewed by rotini-52586 1 / 10

Didn't Like

Bunch of garbage. Didn't like the film. Gave me a headache.

Reviewed by sahlgoode 8 / 10

Not your standard slasher

This movie was nothing like I expected going in, and I'm sure glad it wasn't.

It started out like a blood filled slasher, with a polite amount of gore, Then it turned into this mysterious, almost surreal tapestry of thought provoking dialogue. Forget that Jon-Scott Clark's character spewed out every stereotypical depressed thought in the book. He was feeding Carl (Simon Manley) with ammunition to go off the wall with his non-stereotypical therapist role. Add in all the little subplots that seemed to have nothing to do with the film, it had me really thinking. (Casey Affleck's cameo helped put it all in perspective. *giggle*) I know popcorn is the standard snack when watching a movie, but I really had the hankering to wolf down an entire apple pie for some reason. Spackle in some polite gore throughout, and you have a well rounded movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, but if you're expecting the standard slasher this isn't it. Watch it for it's unique approach to the genre.

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