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Haylie Duff as Laura O'Brien
Susan Diol as Motel Attendant
Kinga Philipps as Jane Harper
Craig Stark as John O'Brien
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nitishkumarmohanta 4 / 10

Just One Time Watchable!

Just watched this Movie Hacker (2018). I would like to say it was a very short story and even a small child of primary school can write this story! No nothing special there. The Actors did good work here especially the girl named as Laura. But that wasn't still par excellence. Background Musics were good and screenplay was also good to watch because it have very low duration. Overall nothing special there in this movie, you can consider it as One time watch, if you're free and bored at home and nothing to do then you can go for it. Anyway 4 out of 10 Stars from my side.

Reviewed by carolyn5moon 1 / 10


This movie is just TOO funny for words, I mean where do I begin ? Well for a start, the plot , the script , the acting , each worse than the next . Unbelievably BAD. We are expected to believe that Haylie/Hilary/Haylie/Hilary (whichever ,who cares ) Duff is an Intelligent Hacker ??? entangled in the assananation plot of an american politician, add in the reappearance of her long lost, supposed to be dead father , and ridiculous men in suits lurking around doorways with guns , and there you have it !!!! In fact the best bit of acting that you will see in this movie is the parrot in the beginning ! So if you choose to watch this movie, you have been warned.........

Reviewed by jic-1 6 / 10

Unfairly Maligned

This movie is actually much better than the other reviews here say. Don't get me wrong, it's not really a good movie, and a lot of what people are saying is true: the plot is both nonsensical and predictable, the performances are uneven to say the least, and the whole thing sometimes veers into unintentional comedy. What the movie gets right though is good pacing, well done action scenes (albeit only two, very brief, ones), and a charming lead in Haylie Duff, a much better actress then her career so far requires or would imply. So not some sort of hidden gem or future cult classic, but a perfectly pleasant watch.

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