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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 3 / 10

It slices, it dices...but does it make any sense?

I should mention up front that I am not a huge gore/horror film fan. Perhaps this means I am a bit harder on films in the genre or not, I am not sure…but I do occasionally enjoy a horror film if the story engages me. In addition, the film has absolutely nothing to do with the film Gremlins and the creature looks nothing like a gremlin…and ultimately, you learn it isn't a gremlin…so why the title?! I have no idea.

When the film begins, some selfish guy gives a fancy looking box to a family member. But inside is a horrible creature that has an insatiable thirst to kill. And, once you've received the box you must find someone you love and give it to them soon or the monster inside will eventually kill your entire family. After the monster came out and started killing people, none of them ever called the police but they just piled up the dead family members in the basement for safekeeping. And, they didn't consider throwing the box into a blast furnace or inside a huge block of cement or in the middle of the sea. Instead, they just wait as one by one they are sliced and diced. If it sounds as if I didn't like the story in Gremlin, you are absolutely right. The problem was although the acting is competent and the CGI acceptable, the story just never made a lot of sense to me. And, when you ultimately learn what the creature is, this isn't enough of a surprise to save the picture. The movie is watchable but nothing more.

Reviewed by gerry_barnaby 2 / 10

Great background on the myth but sadly lacks impact and wasted in this film

Gremlin isn't a reboot or remake that associated with the mogwai movies, this is a complete different type of story. Going into this film i didn't know what to expect hoping it would impress me in being a good movie as the premise of this film's background of the box is good in setting it tone but sadly this film lack's any impact in being a great.

The acting is OK but amateurish with minimal effort in trying to carry this film forward which didn't appeal to me alone, at best this film is a typical syfy channel movie. The only good thing is the visual effect which seem to have some budget which all the money has gone into as the creature itself is well designed.

Sadly this film might appeal to the demographic that enjoy these low budget B movies which this film is, but if you looking for a well made film i would recommend avoiding this film as it not that great.

Reviewed by Fella_shibby 5 / 10

Apart from bad acting there was something lacking in this film inspite of some good kills n pacing.

Saw this on a rented dvd. Had seen the trailer n was excited. Apart from the name there is nothing in common with the 1984 movie of the same name. Inspite of some very good kills, good pacing, decent creature effects n cinematography, there was something lacking in this film. The acting was awful but i still feel something more was missing. In fact, the creature doesnt hesitate to kill n no mercy is shown to anyone n no time wasted in unnecessary jump scares. It is a horror film with no holds barred. Unlike most horror films where they end in such a way that the cops never believe the mythological stuff, here in this film, the creature comes out in the open leading to action n mayhem. Mayb, the director tried to b different from other horror films n it backfired. One grave n clear mistake the makers of this film did was that they showed on the posters the climax of the film of the creature with its full size n out in the open. But the posters showed some helicopters as if its a large scale action/horror film which was a lie as there were no helicopter scenes.

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