Granny's House



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Bill Oberst Jr. as Boarstag
Rachel Alig as Rebecca Torrance
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonyc_27604 1 / 10

Really bad

By no means believe the reviews that were clearly written by friends of the director or something. This movie is just awful, and like a couple others, I only watched it because of the relatively high rating on Amazon Prime Video. The acting is HORRENDOUS, especially by the guy who plays Granny's son. I haven't seen a performance that wooden since Plan 9 from Outer Space. There were neither plot twists nor surprises. No suspense at all. The plot was dumb and simplistic. No style in the camera-work - looked like it was shot on a cell phone. Best part by far were the bedroom scenes, as that actress is kind of hot. Don't say you weren't warned.

Reviewed by Lynkin151 3 / 10

3 or 4 out of 10 at the most!

I have no Idea how this film got rated so high. This should have been a 3 or a 4 at most. I wish I could have my 83 minutes back, but unfortunately my Girlfriend made me sit through the whole thing. I really thought the acting was horrible, but for a low budget movie I guess it was not the worst. But the point I'm trying to make here is that we would have never even picked this movie to watch if it wasn't for such the high rating that it got, of course which I know now not to trust the rating system anymore. But up until now that's what we have been using to pick the movies we want to watch, and I gotta say it's worked out pretty good so far. That's all I gotta say really. I would hope people start rating movies more accurately to what they should be.

Reviewed by nmc-78454 3 / 10

I tried, lol. I REALLY tried.

I can't even believe some of these outlandish reviews of an, at BEST, mediocre film. I've seen high school productions more complex than this! To put this film in the same stratosphere as Hitchcock is laughable. Moreover, the "fantastic" camera-work would have achieved better results with a smartphone or dare I say, a Super 8. Not to mention, the 4 1/2 star Amazon Prime reviews from the 15 people (men) who reviewed it, clearly were only aroused by the unbearably awkward soft-core porn scenes. I WILL say, however, the glue or better yet, paste that hardly held this movie together was Glenda Morgan Brown. I happen to thoroughly enjoy indie films. In fact, I mostly prefer them. When you consider some of the BEST (in my opinion) indie films such as "Donnie Darko", "Lost In Translation", and of course "Reservoir Dogs", "At Granny's House" lacks substance and effort.

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