2008 [KOREAN]

Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.6 10 2478

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kluseba 6 / 10

Fast paced and entertaining high school slasher with the usual flaws

"Death Bell" is a South Korean high school horror movie released in 2008. It includes lots of slasher elements, a few minor mystery passages that can be seen as a nod to many popular Asian ghost movies but also several twisted enigmas that the surviving pupils and teachers have to resolve to save those who are kidnapped one by one by a vengeful mind. Imagine a mixture of the "Yeogo Goedam" series and "Saw".

The problem I have with this movie is not that it doesn't introduce anything new to the genre. A solid high school slasher flick like "4th Period Mystery" can be quite entertaining without being innovative. This movie takes too much time to kick the story off. The first twenty minutes don't even introduce you adequately to the story. The real reasons behind what happens in this movie are shown later in a few rushed flashbacks. The opening minutes introduce you to many unimportant secondary characters.

In fact, there are so many pupils running around that it's a little bit hard to realize who is who. After twenty lame minutes, pupils are suddenly kidnapped and murdered at such a high speed that you might soon feel confused about who is still alive, who has been kidnapped and who is about to be murdered.

Then we have the enigmas. Each time a pupil is about to be tortured to death, a madman presents the surviving crowd an enigma they have to solve at time to save their kidnapped colleagues. Sometimes the survivors even solve the enigmas but that doesn't keep the killer from continuing his slaughter which is pretty lame as the challenges feel somewhat useless. No matter if you solve the enigmas or not, the killer continues to spread death and terror until the very end of the movie.

The enigmas are also rather hard to follow. The first enigma has something to do with mathematics but the solution is never shown to the viewers. For the second enigma, the survivors have to create a sentence which is very hard to understand. I neither understand the sense behind the sentence nor the way the survivors manage to compose it in the end. The other enigmas are a little bit easier to understand but not very interesting as well. The movie should have spent some more time on explaining the enigmas and their more or less associated traps as it is the case in movies like "Mindhunters".

The ending of the movie is rather intriguing and includes a minor twist. Some people felt disappointed by it, others thought it was great and to me it was just okay. At least, it ended this short movie on a rather high note.

Fans of high school horror movies or slasher films can try this movie out. It's nothing groundbreaking but surely entertaining enough if you don't want to watch your "Scream" movies over and over again. It's decently entertaining but only an average horror movie, especially if we compare this to other unique and stunning South Korean horror movies like "A Tale Of Two Sisters", "Bedevilled" or "I Saw The Devil" for example. But for what it is, it's an acceptable fast food horror flicks with a few Korean pop stars acting in here.

Reviewed by richnieh 7 / 10

Decent film, not a great one.

I gave this film seven stars for the above average special effect they are using for an Asian movie. Normally, Asian movie are on pretty tight budget, I believe this movie received more investment than some others. The main actress is a singer turned actor, this is usually a disastrous move for western entertainment world but it does happen very often in Asian and she actually did a good job. Asian horror movies very frequently use young, innocent girl as main actress and she is perfect for that role. I must say, it works better than Western sexual appealing actresses. Most white girls are pretty tall and strong but with good body; I really think sometimes if they serious want to fight back, the bullies will get pounded.

Anyway, those young school girls and boys were as helpless as always but the only thing will work in this movie was their brain. Now another eastern culture people need to understand is that grades are everything; getting into good university is everything. There is something implied in the movie is about how those students were best students of the school and they have a bright future because they study hard and smart. Quite a few movies implies how stressful of the eastern education is and some writer thinks it is scary if he adds horror element on top of that stress will attract Audience. Based on the experience of the school in the UK, I really don't think English students will ever get it. Well, if you can think of it this way, you are fighting into the night after 1am in the morning trying to compete with one hundred thousands other students in the exam and there is a ghost start bothering you and try to rip your gut out, I think people will get disturbed by it.

By the way, I have seen way much more disturbing movies than it, so I am kinda numb. However, I thought among all the Korean horror movies, they do have some new ideas involving some psychological traps and supernatural activities. I liked the singer-actor small girl, it is refreshing to see a pure school girl for a change than teen-model wannabes getting slashed.

Worth a watch if you want to see something different. The movie is not that smart, direction was OK, story is fine if you are patient, please don't expect too much acting in a horror movie, in which I mean it is good enough. Try to get a friend grew up from Eastern Asian environment, you might enjoy this movie more if you know our culture.

Reviewed by manuelasaez 8 / 10

Battle Royale meets SAW

I watched this movie on a whim without knowing anything about it beforehand, and I was pleasantly surprised at how gory, disturbing and downright entertaining the movie ended up being. The film follows a similar set up to many of the recent Japanese/Korean high school films; Students are locked in a school and picked off one by one by an unseen force. This time, however, the force is asking the brightest and most intelligent students to solve questions in order to save the lives of their peers. It's a great set-up that flows nicely between each act, with some great practical effects and some disturbing and downright horrifying scenes involving the teens. The acting was great all around, save for a few of the students that seemed to not have much experience or didn't take their roles too seriously. And while the movie seemed to get a bit confusing towards the final act, it all came together nicely in a twist that was not only unexpected, but very well executed. My only gripe with this film was that it could have been a bit more graphic with its depiction of death. I wanted to see each person as they were being killed, if only to increase the tension and disturbing element of an already pretty effective set-up. Overall, one of the better South Korean horror films I have seen, and definitely recommended for anyone who enjoys seeing annoying High School kids get their just deserts. A success, as far as I'm concerned.

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