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Nigel Green as Bulletin Announcer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by EdYerkeRobins 10 / 10

Underrated Monster Classic

For some reason, most non-Godzilla giant monster films are looked down upon by IMDB reviewers. Gorgo, the "English Godzilla", tears apart London in this film that is just as entertaining, and perhaps even more so, than the original Godzilla. Both the infant and adult Gorgo's look fantastic, and the human actors, while somewhat bland, aren't terrible and don't detract much from the movie. Also factor in that it's infinitely more interesting when the monuments destroyed are all recognizable, and it's strange to see why this film, especially among sci-fi/monster film fans, isn't more appreciated. Plus, you gotta dig those crazy prehistoric fish (the only part of the film that doesn't really make sense)!

Reviewed by lasermagnetic 9 / 10

A Monster To Remember

I first saw "Gorgo" in England in late 1961, almost a year after it's initial release in the US in January of that year. I was 13 at the time and I managed to fool the ticket lady that I was 16. The film had an 'X' rating which meant that nobody under 16 was admitted even with a parent. Before I went into the cinema I viewed the lobby cards and quad poster outside. The full appearance of Gorgo was not revealed and I had to wait until the film was on the screen before her full face was revealed. The British poster art hid her face basing the idea on the name 'Gorgo' being derived from the Gorgon sisters. If you looked upon their faces you turned to stone. For the next eighty minutes I was mesmerized. I had no awareness, at that age, of what contribution Eugene Lourie, Freddie Young, Angelo Lavangnino and Technicolor were making and that this film would remain my firm favorite of the non stop-motion creatures of the big screen. The same Freddie Young that won Academy Awards for his work with David Lean is displayed here with the same technical brilliance that went into all his work. His photography really gives the film a touch of class an ingredient which undoubtedly adds immeasurably to the suspension of disbelief. The richness of the color, Gorgo's rich green scaly skin and the fiery red night skies of burning London are enhanced by the I.B. Technicolor process. Tom Howard's great visual effects work made a huge impression. Seven years later he would be my employer for five months! Angelo Lavagnino's memorable score captured perfectly the film's mood capturing the intimate side of the story as well as the dramatic traditional monster-on-the-loose music expected. Eugene Lourie has made a monster movie that is hard to top even with the wonders of today's CGI technology. Lourie gave the lead characters personality - difficult enough with a man in a suit character - and a feeling of relief for their preservation at the film's end. Another film with a 'monster in a suit' character also released in 1961, "Konga", unfortunately did not quite capture the same emotional level of "Gorgo" but regardless is respected by fans for other reasons, myself including. I have seen this film many times over the years and we have to thank the film makers for taking their job seriously and I feel it is that, that has made this film endure so well over the years.

Reviewed by Nightman85 9 / 10

One of the better giant lizard flicks around.

A better-than-average giant lizard movie from Britain, this is a fairly well-made and exciting monster flick.

Sailors capture a huge, scaly sea monster and take it to London to be a tourist attraction. Unfortunately this 'monster' is only a baby and its MUCH BIGGER mother is on the way to save it!

Gorgo is an epic B picture thats a notch above all the rest on every level. The story is more creative than the normal giant monster movie, it doesn't have one of those clichéd conclusions either. The creature FX (while granted the monster is a big rubber suit) are far more impressive and ominous than most of its kind. There's lots of intense action to be had, especially in the destructive climax! The music score is nice as well.

The cast is better than average too. Leading men Bill Travers and William Sylvester do some solid performances, even young Vincent Winter isn't bad as a kid who wants to see the creature set free.

All the way Gorgo is a better quality monster movie than most of its breed. Genre fans will find it a worth-wild watch.

*** 1/2 out of ****

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