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Hyun Bin as Lim Cheol-ryung
Hae-jin Yoo as Kang Jin-tae
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Reviewed by kluseba 8 / 10

High-quality action blockbuster with tense and smooth moments

Confidential Assignment is a very entertaining humorous action- thriller from South Korea. The story itself isn't very original if you are familiar with classics such as Shiri but the movie's execution is really gripping from start to finish. The actors do a convincing job, the action sequences are explosive and professional and the story has a tense and vivid pace with a few welcome amusing breaks. The camera work is precise instead of shaky and a special mention goes out to the vivid soundtrack that suits the movie perfectly.

The story revolves around a North Korean investigator who gets betrayed by a colleague who steals expensive printing presses, kills the investigator's wife and escapes to South Korea. The two countries set up a special meeting and the North Korean investigator has three days to arrest his enemy and retrieve the printing presses. Obviously, the skilled investigator isn't allowed to do this investigation on his own in a foreign country. Since nobody is eager to take on this dangerous job, a colleague convinces an officer who has recently been suspended from office to team up with the North Korean. The two investigators couldn't be more different. The North Korean is quiet, professional and cold while his South Korean colleague is loud, clumsy and sociable. In the beginning, the two investigators aren't getting along at all and hide important information from each other. As the situation gets more and more dangerous and the three-day collaboration is about to come to an end, they must trust each other in order arrest a ruthless criminal who is ready to harm both countries.

The movie finds the right balance between brutal action sequences, tense investigative parts and a few doses of situation comedy. This film might be too intense for younger audiences but older teenagers and adults might appreciate this vivid genre mixture. If compared to similar Asian movies, the humorous parts aren't silly slapstick comedy but rather quirky situation comedy. If compared to similar movies, the action sequences aren't always overtly exaggerated but quite brutal, fast and technical. The suspenseful elements are much more expanded than in similar movies and there are a few quite sinister sequences. This pitiless approach makes the serious moments much more gripping and the smoother parts much more relieving. Confidential Assignment employs each genre element very efficiently.

While the story isn't surprising and this kind of movie isn't anything innovating, Confidential Assignment is a fast-paced roller coaster ride that is on the same level as Lethal Weapon and other movies of this kind. If this movie were released in North American cinemas, it would be one of this year's blockbuster as it was the case in South Korea where the movie broke several records and received numerous well-deserved awards.

Reviewed by fluffset 8 / 10

a good cliché.

North-South Korea relation is a popular subject in Korean cinema, every time movie like this come out, it will be surely become box office and get wide local media attention. I like Yoo Hae-Jin, he is the Korean greatest supporting actor of all time other than Oh Dal-Su, you can see his face in every big time Korean movie. Lately he got a lot of main character role, good for his career by the way.

About this movie, you've seen this a lot in Korean cinema in every movie about North Korean spy and everything. But, it still nailed you in your seat. It got a lot of comedy moment that make me laughing out loud, Yoona from the Girl Generation surely give her best as a comedy relief role. Too bad her screen time is not much. If you love suspense, Asian action comedy that to be honest is way better that U.S nowadays. You can enjoy this. Have fun!

Reviewed by Prashast_Singh 9 / 10

Confidential Assignment Review: A must watch action entertainer!

Movie: Confidential Assignment (15)

Rating: 4.5/5

Well, this film is much better than most films made on this theme. It's a very energetic film and has some really amazing action scenes to watch out for. But wait: action is not the only good thing it has got to offer. There's an excellent and interesting screenplay, powerful performances, intense emotions and light hearted humour, etc. I can't sum up this film's excellence in a review of few paragraphs. It's that AMAZING!

CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT is an entertaining action film which director Sung-Hoon Kim has made an enthralling experience calling for another watch. The action scenes are so well executed that they demand a repeat value as well. The way it balances action, emotion and humour is commendable.

Technically, the film stands tall. The cinematography in certain action sequences is splendid. The visuals are a treat to watch. The editing is decent as the film rarely deviates from storytelling; it doesn't bore for even a second.

Hyun Bin is quite excellent. His performance is a commendable one as he manages to show multiple emotions with perfection. Yu Hae-jin, however steals the show with his solid performance. Rest of the cast does a fairly good job.

The action is excellent, the emotions are well brought out, and the comedy too is quite a good one. The music, however, is another major reason why the film stands this tall. Various sequences get enhanced by the energetic music and I would love to hear it again and again. It's quite catchy and foot-tapping, apart from being hummable.

Definitely, CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT is a must watch for action lovers. Not just for them, however. The film is an energetic, lively entertainer with a solid repeat value. Do go for it, and you won't regret it. I heard somewhere that it's coming to India as well, and that's truly a great news!

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