Gong fu guan lan

2008 [CHINESE]

Comedy / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Jay Chou as Fang Shijie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by intelearts 8 / 10

Excellent entertainment - I don't understand all the negative reviews

I don't know the stars, or modern Chinese teenage music - but I do know a thoroughly entertaining movie when I see one.

Kung Fu Dunk is pure Hollywood in its values - it's played for laughs, for love, and is a great blend of Kung Fu and basketball.

Everybody looks like they had a lot of fun making this - the production values are excellent - and modern China looks glossier than Los Angeles here.

The plot of the abandoned orphan who grows up in a kung fu school only to be kicked out and then discover superstardom as a basketball play (and love and more etc;) is great - this is fresh, fun, and immensely entertaining.

With great action and good dialogue this is one simply to enjoy - for all ages - and for our money was one of the best family movies we're seen in a long time.

Please ignore the negative reviews and give Dunk a chance - we were really glad we did - a GOOD sports comedy movie.

Reviewed by makiprettywoman3 7 / 10

Kung Fu Basketball

If you go looking on Netflix or Hulu you can watch this sports movie Kung Fu Dunk. It stars Jay Chou. You might remember Jay Chou from the movie The Green Hornet. Jay Chou plays a orphaned boy that grew up at a kung fu school and eventually becomes a talented basketball player. This movie is mixture of basketball, kung fu and a love story.

Many people have compared this movie to Shaolin Soccer and may have thought it wasn't as good. I actually like this movie. There are parts of this movie that were really funny. In the beginning the kids master dies trying to alter the universe. He ends up being frozen. I don't know if I should be laughing or crying. There are elements that you won't find in most sports movies. This movie doesn't follow the usual formula for most sports movies.

Parts of this movie did feel disjointed. There is the kung fu, the basketball, a love story and the kid trying to reunite with his parents. I feel like there is something that could have made it better. If you can get around the flaws this is a good movie.

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10

It was no "Shaolin Soccer", but...

First of all, I have to say that the Cine Asia DVD cover promises more than the movie actually delivers. Which just goes to prove, don't judge a movie by its cover.

"Kung Fu Dunk" is a combination of basketball, Kung Fu and a semi-romantic love story thrown into the midst. The end result was entertaining enough. However, the movie didn't really fully get a chance to spread out its wings and be all that it could have been. The movie just brushed over the various topics on the storyline on the surface. And that was a shame, because if the director had delved more into the depths of some topics instead of trying to be everywhere at once, then the movie would have had much more impact, depth and meaning. Personally, I found the movie to be good entertainment, but it was a rather shallow story, because it never took time to go into depths with the topics.

The action scenes were nicely shot, and the Kung Fu scenes were really well choreographed and looked nice. The basketball scenes, however, well they were great, it was like you were there on the court with the players. One thing that really didn't fit well into the movie, despite it was amazing to look at and funny, was when the four Kung Fu masters entered the basketball court and started fighting the Fireball team. Sure it looked nice and there was a lot of nice effects, but come on, it was just too much.

Being a long-time fan of Asian cinema, then it was really nice to see some of the big guns from Hong Kong cinema appear in a Mandarin Chinese movie. I haven't seen Eric Tsang (playing Zhen Li) in a long, long time, so it was a nice treat to get to see him on the screen again. He always brings some comical charm with him to the movies he is in. And of course you had Hong Kong cutie, Charlene Choi (playing Lily), as well and despite having a minor role she actually did it great, because it was a step away from her usual sugar-coated late-teen love romance roles (and it was nice to see her in a movie without Gillian Chung around). Finally, in a small cameo role, you had huge Hong Kong movie star from back in the day, Kenneth Tsang (playing Wang Yiwuan). His role was very small, but still, just his presence there was awesome.

The movie's main actor, Jay Chou (playing Fang Shijie) was really carrying the movie mostly by himself. He was really well-cast for this role and he did a great job with his character.

"Kung Fu Dunk" suffered from a half-hearted storyline that never explored its potential, and that was a shame, because the movie really had potential for so much more.

If you liked "Shaolin Soccer", then the chances are that you will like "Kung Fu Dunk" as well, though this movie is not as good as "Shaolin Soccer". But still, it is entertaining and fun to watch.

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