Going to the Mat


Drama / Family / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1287

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January 16, 2021 at 05:33 PM



Alessandra Torresani as Mary Beth Rice
Brenda Strong as Patty Newfield
D.B. Sweeney as Coach Rice
Khleo Thomas as Vincent 'Fly' Shue
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by PrettyPuyol 8 / 10

Surprisingly Good...

I thought it would be cheesy being a Disney channel movie, but it was really good. I think Andrew Lawrence has a bright future as an actor. I was about to write him off as another Lawrence brother, but I think he's the most talented of the three. He played a blind kid very very well. His movements and his affects were very believable and he delivered his lines very well.

The story was pretty entertaining and the portrayal of the blind was pretty original, too. You don't see wrestling featured in high school movies very often, let alone consider it a sport the blind can participate in. And it was nice to see things like beeping backboards in basketball as another way to incorporate the blind into everyday things they usually couldn't have participated in before. I also really loved the music featured in the movie, especially the guitar pieces "Jace" played. It's definitely worth taping if you can catch one of the repeats.

Reviewed by caramelbabez53 10 / 10

Bravery had nothing to do with it

"You know what really ticks me off, when people tell me how brave and courageous I am for doing things that sighted people do every day." Wow, this movie was awesome! I was not disappointed at all. Andy Lawerence, Khleo Thomas, Wayne Brady, Alessandra Toreson, and Billy Aaron Brown give an awesome performance in this movie. This movie is about Jace Newfield (played by Andy Lawerence), who is visually impaired, and his road to acceptance of himself. When the audience first encounters Jace, he is living in New York getting ready to move to Salt Lake City, Utah. At first, he acts stuck-up and only has two friends, MaryBeth Rice, played by Alessandra Toreson, and Vince "Fly" Shoe, played by Khleo Thomas. With the help of his music teacher, Mr. Wyatt, played by Wayne Brady who also shares his disability, he is able to overcome his own obstacles. Jace and Fly join the wrestling team, after MaryBeth suggests it. At first, the teammates resent Fly and Jace for being there but when the captain of the wrestling team, John Lambrix, played by Billy Aaron Brown, and Jace become friends, Jace and Fly find acceptance from fellow teammates. The audience intensely watches Jace and Fly overcome obstacles and MaryBeth and Jace as their friendship soon turns into something greater. I was not disappointed with this movie and I believe that anyone who watches it will love it and want to watch it again and again! If you love drama, romance, and a overrall feel-good family movie, you'll love Going to the Mat. I'm glad I taped this one! 5 out of 5 stars!!!!

Reviewed by SlimXero 10 / 10

Going to the Mat scores!

"Going to the Mat" is an extremely well acted (what we've come to expect from one of the Lawrence brothers) story about a boy Jace (Jason Newfield, played by Andrew Lawrence), who moves from New York City to an almost opposite environment in Utah. Now your probably thinking, whats so interesting about that? Well, Jace is blind, and is convinced by his "reader" to join the Wrestling team. Jace faces a lot of discrimination from his teammates, and changes his outlook on Utah. Definitely a Disney movie =). In the end, Jace makes new friends, becomes stronger emotionally, and, under the guidance of his band teacher, Mr. Wayatte (who shares his disability), learns to accept life as it comes at him. A must see movie, and a great performance by Andrew Lawrence, Khleo Thomas ("Fly"), Wayne Brady (Mr. Wyatte) and Alessandra Toreson (Mary Beth Rice).

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