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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbattistuzzi 9 / 10

Floored me!

Id like to start by saying, that although this film is obviously going to be most enjoyed by fans of Heavy Metal, Don't let never having been in a Mosh Pit stop you from checking out this Grade A work of Documentary film making.

I was lucky enough to win free passes with a friend to see an advanced screening of this film presented by Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen days before I was set to see Iron Maiden and Mastodon live. As a big fan of their previous work "Metal: a Headbangers Journey" I had a lot of expectations of this film, but was still pleasantly surprised.

Although as a youth I had been somewhat aware of Metals International heritage due to Bands Like Sepultura and the almost endless TV and movie Jokes about Bands making it in Japan, I was impressed by the truly Global scale of this film. Covering some countries most viewers will know little or nothing about, the Film making duo paints a rich portrait of Metal's global flavor.

The depth of this documentary is impressive, delving into the politics and cultural contexts behind the Metal scenes in many of the countries. This is part of what raises this film above what could otherwise have been just snapshots of a few bands and fans.

On top of it all is the Music, oh the music. After admittedly drifting away from my head-banging youth for the last few years, this film captured the raw energy that got me into Metal in the first place and sent me right back where I belong, into the arms of the Metal Militia.

A must see work for fans of Metal, Documentaries or both.

Reviewed by Donatien3 9 / 10

Eye-opening look at how Metal reaches the world

In 2005, Sam Dunn's documentary 'Metal: A Headbangers Journey' explored one of the most misunderstood and maligned music genres.

His follow-up 'Global Metal' (inspired by the range of worldwide fan mail for M:AHJ) sees Dunn travel to Asia, South America and the Middle East to discover the impact of Metal in non-western society.

The most striking thing is how Metal is used to express emotions forbidden by either the country's culture (such as the polite, ultra-organised and workaholic ways of Asia) or the oppressive regimes of the Middle East (a planned trip to Iran had to be diverted to UAE when Dunn wasn't allowed into the country). The doco climaxes with an epic Iron Maiden concert in India, which drew 30,000 fans. The atmosphere is astounding.

Throughout his journey, Dunn interviews Metal legends such as Max Cavalera, Tom Araya, Kerry King, Bruce Dickinson and Marty Friedman as well as everyday fans. While Dunn is a proud Metalhead, he never lets his passion get in the way of his job and lets the interviewers and the music (there's a number of clips from domestic Metal bands in each region) tell the story.

If nothing else, 'Global Metal' proves that if Metal can exist in oppressive environments then it is truly one of the most diverse and all-encompassing genres.

Reviewed by lakamel 10 / 10

Fantastic promotional for the mystic of Metal.

Loved it. No reason to see any flaws because it makes no claim that it cannot hold up. It's purpose to reveal the metal movement in places that you might be surprised it exists. Very moving, insightful and never overbearing. This is not meant to convert but rather to impress upon the free that there are people that exist that will do anything to have their voice heard, that they feel and express through music. Just happens in this case to be metal. Probably no surprise to most life-long metal fans. I am 42, four children and full-time sales/service. Began my love of metal at about 7 and could never see going away for as long as I live. By appearance you might not expect this from me. For me after a long day, too much stress or to clear my head I choose metal. Give this Doc a look, if nothing else it justifies that lyrics that may seem ridiculous to some but are a way of life to the oppressed.

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