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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaysshukla 10 / 10

Given movie review

Like the series, the movie doesn't disappoint either. It's a very simple movie but I enjoyed it thoroughly. We get to know more about the other two band members - Haruki and Akihiko.

We saw in season 1 how Mafuyu was initially unable to express himself and gradually he opens up, this pair is more straightforward. It is also interesting how the storyline or the pace really goes parallel to the character's personality. Just like how Mafuyu was unapproachable in the beginning, you would feel bored for the first few episodes. It is only bit later when you are shocked to know what he went through and you start craving for more of this series. Akihiko is very straightforward and the pace of the movie has never been an issue and it doesn't feel rushed either. Towards the end, you feel satisfied and wouldn't regret the time you spent watching this movie.

Like the series, the movie too has an insert track being performed by the character Mafuyu. Both these insert tracks serve great purpose to their respective storyline. The influence of the song is undeniable. While you will definitely enjoy the movie's insert track, I feel it doesn't compare to Fuyu no Hanashi, the one played in the series.

Reviewed by Haifa-adel 9 / 10

Lovvvee itttt!!!!

I really lovvvee ittt and now they are finally together

Reviewed by jacobcooneyday 8 / 10

Disappointing in a good way

Let me start by saying that the Given movie is a good movie; If you like the anime, you'll enjoy the Movie.

With that out of the way I think its important to make one thing clear: If you go in expecting a continuation of the story from episodes 1-11 you will find yourself rather disappointed, as the Given Movie really only follows about half to two thirds of the story of Given.

The Movie almost entirely takes place from the perspectives of Haruki, Akihiko, and Mafuyu. In comparison to these three, Uenoyama has very little, but still important, dialogue.

I don't think this movie is bad, the pacing felt a little off, and the animation can feel a little bit janky in some places, mainly the 3D animated scenes. If they had the resources and time I think the movie would have benefited from another 15-30 minutes, but as it stands was still very enjoyable.

In summation, The Given Movie is an excellent addition to the story of Given, I recommend it to any fan of Given; however, the Given Movie is not a good continuation of Given, and I can only hope it can be the springboard for more Given, whether that is a Second Season, or another movie.

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