Girl in the Basement


Action / Crime / Thriller

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Judd Nelson as Don
Joely Fisher as Irene
Vince Pisani as Dogwalker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdorego 7 / 10

Lesson for victims too

Disagree with reviews of bad acting. All actors did quite well with what was given them. They had to summarize 20 years into a 90 minute movie so at least it moves fast and keeps you engaged.

Yes it may be a lesson for creeps to repeat this crime but it is also a lesson for the people living around it.

  • if a daughter had a shaky relationship with her step or real father and she disappears he likely had something to do with it
  • if he spends a lot of time in the basement after the disappearance, check the basement
  • if you check the basement and the size does not match up with the size of the house there are likely hidden rooms
  • if you're a neighbor who sees a flashlight signal coming from the basement don't knock on the door and tell the occupant, call the cops to check it out.

He may have made the basement sound proof from her and her babies screaming but I doubt that if she banged on the walls or sink that the vibrations would not be heard upstairs.

Reviewed by ryleilove 5 / 10

Unsatisfying Ending

I think was movie was pretty good considering they had to share the terrifying 24 year story of Elizabeth Fritz in such a short amount of time. The acting was ok, and though the two eldest children should have been nearly adults, they looked 14 and 12. Perhaps to showcase the stunt of growth? Idk but my biggest disappointment was the ending. It felt rushed. I would have loved to see her mom and sisters reaction of reuniting with her vs an old flame who we are supposed to believe waited 20 years for her return on the same bike he'd been riding since the beginning of the film. I would have loved to see her reaction to the son she sent to be raised by her mom. Maybe even her mom and sisters disgust toward the father would have been great. Parts of this movie just felt lazy and the ending was the main.

Reviewed by Stasjs 1 / 10

Some stories should not be adapted

Now I do not usually write reviews on IMDB despite having this account for years but this movie... While the true story this is very loosely based on which is a horrible and vile story, this movie feels rushed, jarring, and has very very little reason to exist

The acting is subpar but that's what Lifetime is. The plot and character motives make 0 sense. Then on top of that, the tone is just so depressing but just over the top.

To start off, the father's motives to lock her daughter in a bomb shelter which by the way...HOW DOES NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS!

His motives to lock her up, rape her and breed her is because she's being a teenager sneaking out of the house. Now if the dad had a scary past like he's a serial killer like in The Stepfather but no. This all comes out of nowhere because of what? Toxic masculinity? No Oedipus Complex? No past of him killing or criminal history. Loss of his wife or even his whole family besides his daughter? Nope

All the side characters are also TERRIBLE! The mother who doesn't wonder where her husband goes all day even after threatening to get a private investigator. Saying she won't go in the basement bc she doesn't like rats or whatever. The sister who was IN THE BASEMENT WITH KEYS never further investigated her father or the basement after his sporadic response. The boyfriend who has talked to the sister and the film seemed like it was pushing towards a team up to investigate the house but it goes nowhere just like everything in the film. The argument scene between the sister, mother and father have no progression even though it hinted towards it. With the mother threatening a PI, the sister questioning if the dad did something, his defensive responses. HOW DOES NO ONE CATCH THESE RED FLAGS!

Then the actual girl in the basement has no uphill battle and tries to fight back once. Even when there's a hole in the ceiling, she just forgets about it. Like it goes from thinking "Hey maybe she make a plan to escape or fight back." because that's where the momentum was going...then it flashes forward a year. That's the pace of this movie.

The tone overall is just edgy, triggering, and over the top. The rape scenes are so sudden and jarring going for a trigger factor and not from something rooted in his past or something in his arc. There is no strong female character in our protagonist where we root for her. Give Don't Breathe for example. It ended up in a similar scenario where the blind man forced breeding on the female protagonist. But here, there's a strong moment where he gets taken down and well for those who have seen that movie you know...he gets what he deserves. This film is missing something like that. A part showing the dad isn't an unstoppable force, that he has a weakness.

Even the ending when he gets caught was unsatisfying. He could've at least been thrown down by the cop if he fought back. Show the audience the father getting what he deserves. His character is vile and evil (while unknown where this rooted from)

There is very little redeemable moments from this movie besides the fact of spreading awareness in sexual assault which is why this gets 1 star for me.

I recommend watching The Stepfather (1987 version is best) or Don't Breathe then this mess of a film.

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