Gidget Goes to Rome


Action / Adventure / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 5.2 10 613


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Jessie Royce Landis as Albertina Blythe
James Darren as Moondoggie
Cindy Carol as Gidget
Cesare Danova as Paolo Cellini
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Noirdame79 6 / 10

Gidget Was Here, In The Eternal City!

While this is nowhere near the best "Gidget" film, it is entertaining in its own right. Cindy Carol(whatever happened to her?)doesn't hold a candle to Sandra Dee and Deborah Walley (both RIP), but she does have spunky personality to spare. James Darren, impeccably tanned and handsome as always, is right in his element, singing under the Roman sun. The beautiful scenery, lively colors, peaceful music and the humorous performances are enough to recommend this movie.

Gidget, enjoying her last summer before college, manages to convince her folks to let her go to Rome for the summer with her friends and a chaperone. She and Moondoggie arrive in the Eternal city, hand in hand, only to again fall into problems when Jeff becomes infatuated with their beautiful guide, Daniela (the lovely Danielle de Metz). Gidget then begins seeing an older man, Paolo Cellini (Cesare Danova), thinking of it as romance, unaware that he is actually and army buddy of her dad's, whom he had asked to watch over the Gidge. Many misadventures, misunderstandings, and girl midget fantasies abound!!! Trudy Ames, as Gidget's friend Libby, is hilarious, ("They have to help the poor girl because she's so top heavy!"), and she has a perfect foil in Noreen Corcoran, as Lucy, ("Yes, that's probably what made her ankles so thick."). Joby Baker, back as Judge, nearly steals the show with his goofy and appealing portrayal. Jessie Royce Landis is priceless and Judge's aunt Albertina, serving as the group's chaperone, who has no idea which side of Judge's family she's related to. Oh, and I liked her wigs and her cute little dogs, Howard and Ethel too. Cesare Danova, suave and sensitive, is everyone's idea of a Roman, and Lisa Gastoni is wonderful as his understanding wife. I rather liked Don Porter as Gidget's dad, and it was nice to see Jeff Donnell back as her mom.

Am I the only one who notices that every movie, Gidget gets a new house, new parents, new set of female friends, and a complete makeover? And she doesn't seem to age much past seventeen? Lucky girl. The bottom line: this movie is harmless fun. But if you watched it for the scenery alone, you still wouldn't be disappointed!

Reviewed by tbob02 8 / 10

Light comedy--circa 1963

Of the three Gidget movies, this one was my favorite--maybe because I was four and six when the other two movies came out. Cindy Carol's Gidget comes closer to the Sally Field Gidget than Sandra Dee's or Deborah Walley's did. The actress who portrayed the aunt (Jessie Royce Landis) reminded me a lot of Agnes Moorehead.

You can't watch this movie and expect grand performances--these are kids and the subject matter isn't Shakespeare. (Lighten up, people!!) You have to take this movie for what it is--circa 1963. Most comedies 42+ years ago were fluff..

If you don't take this type of comedy too seriously, watch it just for the fun of it..

Reviewed by swbottles 9 / 10

Cindy Carol is the best Gidget

This is one of my favorite movies, it features Cindy Carol. She is my idea of the perfect girl, she is so pretty and has a perfect personality. I wish she was in more movies. This movie would be nothing without her in the lead role. I think this is the best of the Gidget movies. She is a little known actress, watch this movie and she if you agree that she deserved more movie roles. Filmed in 1963, the height of the beach movies. A great movie for all ages. It stands the test of time, it's just as good today as it was 40 years ago. I wish Cindy stared in the Gidget TV show, I can't get enough of her joyful personality.

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