Genius Factory



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ihadarocketship 10 / 10

Smart Documentary

This is a truly thought-provoking documentary. This guy is a really talented film director (saw a documentary short of his as well). Genius Factory is a biography about the life of a billionaire, Robert Graham, who starts a 19 year long, racist eugenics experiment. It also covers the history of the Nobel Prize Sperm Bank and checks in with the super kids as adults, to find out if the experiment worked. The music is dark and really well done, and the documentary has a crazy cast of characters in it. I'm a big Michael Shermer fan, so it was cool to see him interviewed in this too.

Reviewed by jonnysuspiria 10 / 10


Great documentary about a total nut! I've seen a few news stories about Robert Graham and his crazy sperm bank but this doc went much deeper than anything else out there. It even gives some additional shocks compared to the book. Recommended for any fans of bizzare science!

Reviewed by rylen 5 / 10

Unintelligent project

A sperm bank of Nobel prize winners donors, problem #1 is, only one donor actually won a Nobel. So the name of the bank was a lie or at least a falsum. The bank was run by amateurs and the underlying philosophy and goal was to better the human race, but the lack of focus and control, made the project a huge fiasco.

The focus on IQ (though the IQ of the donors wasn't confirmed) actually was a huge problem. Social intelligence was downplayed by the founder, and thereby giving some the children a really bad start in life.

The story in the documentary is somewhat interesting, though nothing surprising, when the ingredients is an rich old man, Americans and lack of the bigger picture.

Craftsmanship of the documentary is okay, though filled with stock photos, which gives it a cheap look. The part where Ed Chen tells about his article from the 80's and the narrator tells the same story in the same wordings is very 2010'ish documentary style and very annoying.

So to sum up, time not wasted, but not moved, inspired, intrigued or shocked at all.

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