Gas Pump Girls



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
IMDb Rating 4.8 10 661


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Sandy Johnson as April
Ken Lerner as Peewee
Mike Mazurki as Moiv
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scootrah 8 / 10

Simultaneously stupid, fun and good

How can you not love a disco teen exploitation film about five girls running a gas station - and it's a MUSICAL to boot! The songs are ridiculous and the plot is too, but it's not so predictable that there aren't a few amusing moments. I've seen bigger mainstream pictures with lots of critical acclaim that were complete crud - at least this can top the best of the worst.

Reviewed by floydster3 4 / 10

GAS Pump Girls

I was 14 and lived down the street from where this was filmed. I used to walk by the filming everyday on my way home from school. The actors (yes ,Kirsten) were very cool and took the time to talk to the local kids. In fact, Kirsten told me that the name under consideration was Super Duper Garage at the time. The Pyramid station across the street was actually built just for the film. They built it and tore it down right after the filming. The city is actually not Sacramento as is thanked in the credits, but Del Paso Heights. The station is located on the corner of Arcade Blvd and Marysville Blvd. The scene where they ride the motorcycles down the street was filmed farther down the same street the station is on near where it crosses El Camino Blvd. Overall it is a pretty crappy film (4), but for those that live by the shooting location it is now the only and probably will always be the only movie ever shot in the city. Nostalgic to say the least (9). Good times.

Reviewed by rosscinema 6 / 10

Harmless fun

Of all the raunchy T&A sex romps made in the seventies and eighties this one is still one of the most popular. A bunch of hot chicks help out Huntz Hall who owns a gas station and of course the competition across the street creates friction when it comes to business so the young lovely's ask their boyfriends to help. As they fix up the place and figure out a way to get customers to show up the girls always find a way of getting naked! How about that? The station across the street is trying to put them out of business. The comedy is not really funny and the whole story is rather hokey but its done with its heart in the right place. How can you hate a film where young girls are trying to save an old mans gas station and get naked? I can't! Veterans Joe E. Ross (Ooo!Ooo!) and Mike Mazurki show up and you cant help but smile as these old pro's add some levity with their experience. Stupid? Yeah, I guess. Silly? Sure! But its harmless fun. Definitely for adults but lower your high brow when you watch this.

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