French Exit


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 42%
IMDb Rating 6 10 2458


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Michelle Pfeiffer as Frances Price
Imogen Poots as Susan
Tracy Letts as Franklin Price
Lucas Hedges as Malcolm Price
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kq999 4 / 10

Michelle is great...the movie is not

As much as I love everything about Michelle Pfeiffer and her performance in French Exit is wonderful, the film itself is not.

The story is old and goes like this.... I am a rich socialite; therefore, I am eccentric/quirky and so is everyone in my life. We all know that is not how real life plays out and I am getting very tired of that storyline.

As mentioned all the characters are strange in one way or another. They don't seem to fit with each other or with Michelle's character. A very strange mishmash of people who do not fit together or even seem to like each other.....they all have some underlying story that does not go anywhere.

I got the impression that there is supposed to be some deep, dark meaning attached to this story. BUT I don't like playing guessing games and prefer everything is out in the open.

Reviewed by atractiveeyes 4 / 10


The best thing about this film is Michelle Pfeiffer's amazing performance. Lucas Hedges is very good too. The plot at first seems really promising and interesting but then it takes a very stupid turn. In addition to the stupid story, the movie has so many silly childish nonsensical moments. French Exit could've been a great film but it's just disappointing and an unsatisfying watch.

Reviewed by tthdOz18 3 / 10

Monotonal from beginning to end

As watchable as she is, even Michelle Pfeiffer couldn't add any sparkle to this most tedious, pretentious script. Characters are under developed. There is only one drab mood from the moment the movie begins to its predictable (and most awaited) ending. There were no ups and down and it was as if the director had played one droning visual note throughout. You know it's an unbearable show when members in the audience start looking at the time halfway through. We saw three people check the time on their mobiles during the movie. Utterly boring. Avoid.

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