Four Desperate Men


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

IMDb Rating 6.2 10 190

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by -628 6 / 10

An interesting movie with historical geographical significance

The most interesting thing about the Siege of Pinchgut are the numbers of scenes of the City of Sydney and some of its suburbs in the 1950s, which is fascinating to review nearly 60 years later.

The story involves an escaped criminal (Aldo Ray), who protests his innocence, and the 3 men who have helped him escape from custody. They attempt a nighttime escape by boat through Sydney Harbour but are forced aground on Pinchgut Island - now much better known as Fort Denison - where they hold hostage the caretaker and his family.

The movie has quite an interesting plot and the acting is quite good. It does fall apart a little towards the end as the plot descends into melodrama and the key question of Ray's innocence or guilt is never resolved.

The interest for me as a child of the 50s in Sydney was seeing scenes of various Sydney locations as they were in my childhood.

Despite being made by the British studio Ealing and containing a number of British actors, the movie was evidently made with the American market in mind. Not only was the star, Aldo Ray, speaking with an American accent but American spelling was used. In one scene a newspaper headline read "Harbor", which is the American spelling. The British and Australian spelling is "Harbour".

Despite its shortcomings, most notably falling into absurdity towards the end, a weak climax and some unresolved issues, the movie held my interest throughout and I can recommend it especially to older Australians for the historical value of the geographical scenes.

Reviewed by howardmorley 6 / 10

My first viewing of this film

"London Live" a U.k. t.v. channel is currently showing Ealing films daily from 2 p.m. Monday-Friday.I managed to see this film which was new to me despite having seen many films especially produced by Ealing.No it is not one of their comedies but is in the serious gangster genre set on location in Sydney, Australia.Other reviewers have outlined the plot so I won't repeat it.The only British actors I could identify were 1.Richard Vernon 2. Heather Sears. 3.Victor Maddern and U.S. actor Aldo Ray, the latter because he acted in some UK TV programmes.

American actors have great trouble with Australian accents.At first, as I missed the beginning, it was not clear why American robbers were in Australia.Were they supposed to be playing Aussies?This is one of the few Australian films to be shown on U.K. we are more familiar with their "soaps" on t.v. e.g. "Home & Away" & "Neighbours".As this film was produced in 1959 the moral code was still in force so I knew the wanted men would get caught or receive their comeuppance.Watchable I gave it 6/10.

Reviewed by gallae 8 / 10

Ripper Crime Drama

GEM was showing this early Saturday morning, and I just finished AKA Known as "Four Desperate Men" in the States, but as "The Siege of Pinchgut" here in Australia, this was shown on local TV yesterday. It was rather unusual seeing Sydney in 1959, with double decker buses, trams, and police vans with "POLICE E&R FORCE" on the side of them, and the lowish skyline of Northern Sydney.

The film follows the pattern of the period which would have one or two overseas stars to help sell the film elsewhere. This time it's Aldo Ray and Carlo Giustini. It also has a solid performance by Gerry Duggan (whom I saw in a Skippy repeat last week) and Alan Tilvern as the hard-headed Superintendent Hanna. Like many films of the time, accents are either well known dialects (like Irish), "educated" (like Hanna's) or "larrikin" like the main characters brother Joey.

Very much a drama of who will and won't survive, including a good portion of Sydney, with a live naval gun trained on a boat full of explosives! There's a number of sly digs on Australian society in the film, like a two-up game running in the middle of an evacuation. I also liked the reference to "the old tram depot, about to be demolished for our new Opera House" - little did they know where that'd lead! Good stuff and a look at the past.

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