Forbidden Fruit: First Bite


Action / Drama / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 2 / 10

Yeah, alrighty then...

Wow. Just wow. This movie was unfathomably pointless.

I suppose that I wasn't exactly the target audience for this 2021 movie titled "Forbidden Fruit: First Bite", because I found the movie to fell short on delivering anything worthwhile watching on every single level.

The storyline, as written by Chrys Calixte and Bobby Peoples was just beyond my comprehension. How is it possible to make a movie that much without any point of proper entertainment value. I seriously found nothing worthwhile watching in the movie. And truth be told, it just didn't feel like a coherent movie at all. Everything felt so random and just edited together in the hopes of the end result would be resembling a movie. But it just wasn't so.

The acting in "Forbidden Fruit: First Bite" was dubious at best. Sure, I wasn't familiar with a single actor or actress in the movie. And that is usually something I enjoy in a movie. But not in "Forbidden Fruit: First Bite", nope. Here it was just cringeworthy to watch the actors and actresses trying to make sense of characters that had no flavor, no texture, no personalities and much less actually have any interesting dialogue to flaunt.

Directors Bobby Peoples and Renee S. Warren Peoples just didn't really manage to deliver a movie that provided me with any sense of entertainment. And that resulted in a very boring, prolonged and monotonous movie that was a struggle to sit through.

And needless to say that the movie was just sleazed down by an excessive focus on semi-lewd scenes that served absolutely no purpose to the movie, aside from giving the directors an outlet to show off scantily clad women in sexual situations.

This is not a movie that I would recommend you waste your money, time or effort on. And my rating of "Forbidden Fruit: First Bite" lands on a staggering two out of ten stars. Sure, the fruits here were forbidden, so do yourself a favor and don't even think about approaching it.

Reviewed by sahlgoode 1 / 10

Not a complete movie

Somewhere in the IMDB synopsis it should let you know what this is. What it is not is a complete movie. I can only guess that it's a pilot for a soap opera. It doesn't have an ending, (stay tuned for part 2) so I guess that's why I was trying so hard to figure out what the plot exactly was.

With a budget of $25.000, it looks like they spent most of that money on the aerial footage. Visually it wasn't too bad, and in some parts, (the aerials) quite pretty. They didn't spend a lot on props. Sarriyahs gun was not even close, and the smoking scenes were not necessary. If you're going to have a smoking scene, they should look realistic, and there are products like NewRuleFX electric, or Honeyrose herbal cigarettes that are used all the time in better productions. If you can't afford the props, then why even bother putting smoking scenes in. Solo cups filled with water would have added the same atmosphere.

For the most part the soundtrack was fine, with the exception of.the morning scene in the kitchen with Karey, and her mother. The background noise was impossible not to hear. The poker scene began with a volume that crackled my headphones.until the dialogue started.

The acting was okay. There was only one scene where an actor slipped, a looked at the camera for a split second.

I really don't know what I was watching, because nothing was ever resolved. Was it a Christian cult movie with a troubles of gambling theme?

This is listed as a drama/mystery. The only mystery here was the plot.

Reviewed by BlobbyLight 1 / 10

nondiverse deluded devient garbage.

Greetings again from the Lightness. This stinky and belong in the trash. Failure on all levels.

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