Food Choices



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 3029

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by billbasdras 1 / 10

Dogmatic one-sided

The most biased documentary I have ever seen in my life. The black and white dogmatic biased way of researching and presenting the facts losing any kind of credibility for the few points that could make sense. Definetely in the top three worst documentaries I have seen and a complete waste of time.

Reviewed by wwarby 1 / 10

Pseudoscience bunk presented as fact

Food Choices is a relentlessly biased opinion piece about the benefits of veganism, presented with all the appearance of a well researched and scientifically valid exploration of the facts whilst actually comprising almost entirely of cherry picked research presented by a parade of disingenuous quacks.

Pay close attention to the credentials of the speakers as they are presented on screen and Google them. Note the total absence of professional scientific researchers and the abundance of "nutrition experts", "wellness advocates" and "alternative" therapy practitioners. You will find the speakers are a whose-who of self-serving peddlers of anti-science nonsense who promote their harmful ideas in faddy diet books.

Using techniques that are intellectually indistinguishable from those of climate change deniers and 9/11 truthers, the filmmakers present a counter- narrative to conventional wisdom on diet and seamlessly weave together unsubstantiated theory with real but cherry picked scientific research. The effect is compelling, especially if the pre-determined conclusion of the study is already appealing to the viewer.

Veganism may indeed be a perfectly valid and healthy lifestyle choice and some of the information presented in this film may well be true - I don't know and I don't believe there is anywhere near the level of scientific consensus on the matter as there is on climate change for example. My point is not that the conclusions of the filmmakers are necessarily wrong, it is that they weren't seeking to discover the truth in the first place but rather to provide a rationalisation for a pre-established point of view. This is documentary filmmaking at it's worst.

Reviewed by peercox 1 / 10

Vegan Propaganda

I was excited to see another documentary about food on Netflix because the subject interests me. With an interesting trailer and introduction boasting about finding ''the truth'' about our food and finding the one and only, most healthy diet... I did not expect to have to turn this off after 15 minutes. I simply could not watch another subjective documentary about food (already sat through ''what the health''). After minutes it is already clear, for people like me who take interest in healthy food, that this movie is not about finding any truth but just making propaganda for the plant-based diet. Although I appreciate the idea behind the vegan diet, I hate this kind of movies presenting pseudo-scientific mis-information as ''the truth''. They only show one side of the coin, leading to the conclusion that probably the whole movie is a lie. I will have to be waiting for Netflix to present a more neutral, informative documentary about this topic.

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