Fly Me


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Dick Miller as Taxi Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

A super serving of 70's drive-in schlock

A trio of sexy young stewardesses have all sorts of misadventures as they travel all over the world: klutzy eager beaver rookie Toby (an endearingly daffy performance by busty blonde babe Pat Anderson) romances handsome doctor David (likable Richard Young) while being forced to contend with her meddlesome overbearing shrew of a mother (a hilariously histrionic Naomi Stevens), perky expert martial artist Andrea (the lovely Lenore Kasdorf) searches for her missing boyfriend, and poor Sherry (the cute Lyllah Torena) gets abducted by a nasty narcotics and prostitution ring run by the nefarious Donald (a perfectly slimy Ken Metcalfe). Prolific Filipino exploitation feature director Cirio Santiago, working from a blithely trashy script by Miller Drake, crams the wildly colorful and eventful 71 minute running time with abundant delicious female nudity (the first topless scenes occurs barely a minute into the movie!), seedy subplots, a funky-groovin' prog-rock score, amusingly dumb lowbrow humor, several uproariously inept chopsocky fight scenes (the blind assassin with the cane that fires deadly poison darts is a total riot!), and a rousing all-out action-loaded conclusion. Moreover, Santiago maintains a nonstop zippy pace and a light, bouncy tone from start to finish. The three female leads are all quite attractive and appealing, with Anderson the stand-out of the bunch. Popping up in nifty minor roles are Vic Diaz as crooked cop Enriquez and Dick Miller as a friendly cab driver. Of course, this flick is completely silly and ridiculous, but that's exactly why it ultimately sizes up as an absolute sleazy hoot.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 7 / 10

I believe I'll take these stewardesses up on that offer.

Reasonably engaging drive-in concoction about three extremely delectable stewardesses - Toby (Pat Anderson), Andrea (Lenore Kasdorf), and Sherry (Lyllah Torena) who have misadventures comedic, dramatic, and action packed in various exotic locales. It starts out as a pretty lightweight romp but gets more serious - well, so to speak - as it goes along, as Sherry is revealed to be part of some criminal activities that soon involve Andrea as well. Meanwhile, sweet and naive Toby tries to have a love life, as she is pursued by a handsome bone specialist doctor (Richard Young) but her enormously overbearing, stereotyped mother (Naomi Stevens) keeps spoiling all of her fun. Now, the mother character is funny for just a bit but wears out her welcome before very long, detracting somewhat from the entertainment value, but overall "Fly Me" is decent, breezy exploitation fare from the prolific Filipino director Cirio Santiago, as it works the element of intrigue into its rather busy story and juggles its assorted story threads for a reasonably well paced 73 minutes. It gets off to a great start with luscious Anderson in a hurry to get to the airport and giving a cab driver (Dick Miller, in a great cameo) an eyeful as she dresses during the (eventful) ride. We all get an eyeful of the lovely ladies along the way, so there are absolutely no complaints in that department. The movie is clunky and crude, but then that actually adds to its charms. The martial arts scenes (credited to David Chow) are amusingly inept. Towards the end, Santiago and company treat us to concurrent scenes of climactic action. The performers - for the most part - are fun to watch, especially the three starring babes. (Anderson and Santiago would work together again on "T.N.T. Jackson".) Young, whom you may recognize as having also been in "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" is likable enough, and actors Ken Metcalfe and Vic Diaz, familiar faces to fans of Filipino cinema, make brief and welcome contributions. Maybe not particularly memorable, but that doesn't really matter; the movie is perfectly acceptable entertainment while it lasts. Trivia note: Jonathan Demme (credited with "film direction") was the second unit director, and Joe Dante is credited as dialogue director. Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by OKCRay 6 / 10

Your seat bottom cushion isn't the ONLY thing that can be used as a flotation device

This is a totally wacky 70s flick with "stewardesses battling kung-fu killers". The story follows the misadventures of three flight attendants as they travel to the far east. Toby (Pat Anderson) is a newbie going on her first overseas trip (her prior flight experience was the Des Moines-Omaha route... crop dusters have been known to travel greater distances!). She tries dating a doctor she met on the flight, however her overprotective mother (Naomi Stevens) tags along and runs interference every chance she gets. Andrea (Lenore Kasdorf, a lovely Jaclyn Smith prototype) searches Hong Kong, Tokyo and Manila for her boyfriend and is constantly tailed by kung-fu thugs. Sherry (Lyllah Torena) is kidnapped after a yacht party and held captive for a prostitution ring. Everything (bizarrely) comes together in a quick 71 minutes, with numerous fun moments sprinkled throughout. These include Toby going straight from the beach to the airport and stripping to change into her uniform in the back seat of a taxi, providing a pleasant "distraction" to the cab driver (GREAT way to start a flick, by the way!); Andrea fighting off several attackers, including a blind man firing a deadly poison dart from his cane; Toby's numerous attempts to sneak away with her love interest, and a hysterical sequence where Toby's mother goes to great lengths trying to get themselves booked onto a "charter flight tour", not realizing the company is really a front for the prostitution ring at the center of everything. One other note... some of the music might sound familiar to anyone who has seen THE STUDENT NURSES, PRIVATE DUTY NURSES or NIGHT CALL NURSES (three earlier New World Pictures releases). Totally goofy fun that any 70s exploitation/cheesy drive-in movie fan will enjoy.

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