Flight World War II


Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 1679


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Robbie Kay as Corporal Nigel Sheffield
Faran Tahir as William Strong
Aqueela Zoll as Cameron Hicks
Trista Robinson as Trista - Teenage Daughter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mistermassive 7 / 10

Feel good tension with added war drama

I have to say that I expected "less" going into this. But it was a cold day and gray outside. I felt that since it was mid day I would watch something I could easily nap to and not stress about missing the show.

No napping took place as the movie has a smooth pace and a tension filled, techy and problematic storyline that keeps you tuned in to see what happens next. That said, you will find this movie is low budget but the acting and activity are really good. I felt that if I had seen this on TV one night I would go nuts talking about it at work the next day.

So if you like WWII "Stuff" and your in the mood for something not filled with smooching, heavy violence or drugs you will indeed find time well spent watching!!! Be sure to pay attention so you don't get confused at the end.

Reviewed by philip-winters 10 / 10

Excellent Movie

I have read reviews of Flight 1942 here and elsewhere, which seem more than a little spiteful. I read one critic's opinion that there's a twist at the end that is absolutely predictable (I don't think it is and I often annoy myself by guessing big budget movie endings) and I also see an IMDb review that there are lots of problems with the historical aspects of this film (no, there is not). If anyone actually watched Flight 1942, they would be aware REALLY early on that the movie has a plot line about an ALTERNATE time line/parallel universe, which is then referred to repeatedly throughout the story. If anyone could miss that, then perhaps their review is a little suspect, bless them. As for reviews talking about wooden acting, I thought all the actors were brilliant. Especially my niece Aqueela Zoll. That's a joke, I have never met the lady, but she did fabulously in this role. Faran Tahir and Robbie Kay and Alberto Barros and Angie Dick and Vi Flaten were all excellent too. I actually feel bad for the actors that I haven't mentioned, because everyone contributed to a great ensemble cast. This is a lovely movie and I wish the best to everyone involved in its production. I hope you enjoy it too. Take care :) xox

Reviewed by sddavis63 8 / 10

It's A Surprisingly Good, Low Budget Time-Waster

People need to cut this movie a bit of slack. It's just meant to be fun. It's not meant to be anything else. Sure the history is bizarre. That's even pointed out in the movie, as they discuss the Battle of Dunkirk - in this movie it didn't turn out the way it actually turned out. So, somehow, history is a little bit different, which perhaps helps to explain a lot of what seem to be historical inaccuracies. They're not inaccurate. The timeline is just a little bit different. Folks need to stop fixating on that and accept the movie as sheer entertainment. From that perspective it worked quite well.

International Airlines Flight 42 from Dulles to Heathrow encounters a weird storm over the Atlantic, and when passing through it also somehow goes back in time - emerging over the French coast during a German bombing raid in 1940. Nobody knows how it happened, and it takes a while for everyone to be convinced that it has happened - but however it happened, it happened, and it's enjoyable enough to watch as the crew and passengers come to terms with their situation and try to develop a plan to get out of it alive.

It's a low budget, sci-fi movie about time travel featuring a largely little known cast. You have to know that going in to it and set your expectations accordingly. I think the rating this movie gets here (4.4 at the time of writing) is ridiculously low. I'm going to give it an 8 - not because it's a great movie - but because in spite of its limitations it accomplishes what it sets out to accomplish. It's fun and it entertains. I had no trouble watching it from beginning to end - which is more than I can say for a lot of big budget movies with mega-stars.

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